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We are a leading provider of learning management technology and course development services.

What We Do

As our name suggests, our company assists organizations through the provision of training solutions including:

  • Online course development services: We make it easy to turn your existing classroom courses into engaging online training programs.
  • Learning management technology to track, manage, and report on training results: Rich with advanced features, our Learning Management System, BIStrainer, makes assigning online and classroom training to individuals quick and easy, allows sharing of courses across companies, enables online storage and retrieval of training records and certificates, and provides reporting tools to analyse and follow up on training efforts.
  • Access to a library with hundreds of online and blended learning courses: Through The SafetyNET, our network comprised of over 200 training companies from across North America, we have brought together an enviable library of safety courses that can be accessed on demand.

Our History

BIS Training Solutions began as a provider of leadership training programs to organizations seeking effective ways to develop and build upon the skills of their management and leadership team. Because we understood that effective leadership training positively impacts a company’s bottom line, we developed a series of training programs and then tied them to incentives that were awarded when desired results were achieved. These programs were extremely successful, so successful in fact that we were unable to keep up with demand. That’s when we realized that online training was to be an integral part of our future.

Our company invested significant time and effort searching for online service providers who could fulfill our needs. After an exhaustive search we realized that there just weren’t many options when it came to finding a service provider who could provide all three things that we were looking for: online course development, a learning management system, and reporting capabilities to track training records and results. Some providers offered great course development services, but didn’t have a learning management system; others offered learning management technology, but had little to offer in terms of reporting capabilities. Finally, another group offered reporting but no course development services. It became clear that there was a gap that needed to be filled and we were going to be the ones to fill it.

We immediately went to work to assemble a team of the brightest IT minds that we could find to form an advisory board. The board was comprised of an IT professional from New York city who worked for leading companies including GE and the Disney Corporation, together with many local senior IT executives. These exceedingly bright individuals collaborated together to clarify the system requirements and determine the fundamental architecture for what is now known as BIStrainer Learning Management System.

In 2009, we were approached at a tradeshow by a small group of safety training companies that were impressed by our learning management technology and the quality of the courses that we developed. They asked if it was possible for us to develop courses for them and then enable them to sell the courses through their website using our system. We assured them that it was, and so began our foray into the safety industry.

The companies were very pleased with the courses developed but sales from their own websites were significantly lower than they had hoped for. We inquired if they would be willing to share their courses across other websites; they readily agreed and so we formed the first partnerships of The SafetyNET. With courses being offered for sale through multiple websites, sales increased dramatically. Over the next few years, The SafetyNET network grew from three partners with three safety courses to over 300 training companies delivering hundreds of courses to over 3,000 end-user companies around the world.

History Highlights

Largest Library of Online Safety Programs in Canada

Customers can now conveniently access more than 500 online safety training programs through the BIS central library.

Introduces Customer Care Team

Keeping pace with our staggering growth, BIS launches a customer care team solely dedicated to helping our growing client base utilize the technology.

Redefines Itself

After careful consideration, BIS, operating as BIS Training Solutions, changes its focus from its roots in leadership and management to safety training.

Hits 100

BIS celebrates the sign up of its 100th SafetyNET network partner.

Announces Alberta's First Government-Approved Online First Aid Course

Through collaboration with Inter Provincial Safety Resources Ltd., BIS makes it possible for Albertans to complete Standard First Aid training through a combination of online theory and classroom training.

Publishes SafetyNET Magazine

BIS publishes the first issue of The SafetyNET magazine to showcase its network courses and partners.

Creates The SafetyNET

Through collaboration with its first network partners, BIS launches what will soon become known as The SafetyNET.

Partners with NAIT

BIS signs a contract with the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) to offer its Leadership and Management courses through NAIT’s Corporate and International Training Department.

Launches LMS

BIS launches BIStrainer, its proprietary Learning Management System.

Publishes Books

BIS publishes three books: Leadership: A Practical Guide to Leadership Principles and Strategies; Management: A Practical Guide to Management Excellence; and Success: Principles and Strategies for Success.

Opens Doors

Business Improvement Solutions Inc. (BIS) opens its doors April 1, 2006 to offer leadership training to companies across Canada and the US.

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