Application Programming Interface (API)

Synchronize data across applications

Automate Administrative Functions

Our Application Programming Interface (API) allows two-way data transfers and updates to take place between our Learning Management System and your software applications. For example, using API your company’s payroll system can transfer data back and forth to our Learning Management System to automatically enable:

  • Creation and removal of users in our LMS based on payroll updates
  • Assignment of courses to new user accounts
  • Real-time transfer of course completion data including scores, attempts, average times, and certificates from our system to yours
  • Much, much more

API not only automates and reduces administrative work but it also ensures that our system and yours are always kept in sync.

Benefit From API

Save your company time and money by implementing an application programming interface to connect your systems with ours.
An API can be set up for a one-time fee of $2,500.

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