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Manage all your classroom training with this easy-to-use online tool

Classroom Management System

Managing classroom training is simple with our integrated Online Classroom Calendar. Whether you want to train your employees, customers, contractors, or management team, the advanced classroom booking calendar allows you to create training events, reserve classrooms, assign instructors, and enroll participants while effectively managing all the details, such as payments, minimum and maximum enrolment, waitlists, course materials, and more.

This interactive online tool provides students with a self-registration system that allows them to search and view courses, request seats in upcoming training, and confirm course attendance. The system automatically sends confirmation of enrollment, reminders of upcoming courses, and allows students the option to withdraw.

For classroom courses that book up fast, the Online Classroom Calendar allows for an integrated waitlist system that instantly notifies all students on the course waitlist the moment a seat opens up, making that slot available to new registrants on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The system also includes a built in certificate generator that instantly creates a certificate for each student upon successful course completion. Once their certificate is generated, the system will also generate a training record for that course and add it to their account, therefore updating the Training Record Management System.

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