New Online Safety Training Released! Four New Courses

New Online Safety Training Courses Released

There are four new courses that were added to the BIStrainer store last week. These courses range from Infection Prevention to Fall Protection Awareness. Check out the new additions that can help keep your employees compliant and safe!

Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC): Basic Awareness

Infectious hazards can have a devastating impact on our health and may exist in any type of workplace. It is everyone’s responsibility (e.g. employer, supervisor, and worker) to recognize and control these hazards.

Machine Guarding Training (CAN)

This course is a CSA-Compliant Training Class for Machine Guarding Safety in Canada and is I-CAB Recognized. This course satisfies requirements for the classroom training

Why the Heck Do I Need a Daily Journal?

This training fits very well with establishing a due diligence defense as well as being effective in moving forward with any coaching or disciplinary concerns

Fall Protection (Awareness) Training

This Fall Protection (Awareness) course is designed to teach you the basics of fall protection so that you can recognize and use the various fall protection systems available to you.

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