New Online Safety Training Courses Released

New Online Safety Training Courses Released

This month we have added 4 new online safety training courses to our catalogue. Our safety course library continues to grow, and we are excited to share these latest additions with you. Stay safe!

Safe Manual Material Handling

Injuries relating to manually moving materials is one of the most common workplace injuries in Canada. This course will walk you through how these injuries (known as musculoskeletal injuries or MSIs) occur, and more importantly, how they can be prevented.

Transportation of Dry Ice Training

This high-level course is for people who handle and transport dry ice. It includes the basics of dry ice, it’s hazards, and the best practices around handling and transporting it. It will also outline the regulations around packing and transporting dry ice, and what to do in case of an incident.

Slips, Trips, and Falls in the General Workplace

In many workplaces across Canada, same-level slips, trips, and falls are unfortunately all too common. Fortunately, with some knowledge and practices, these incidents can be prevented. This online Slips, Trips, and Falls course outlines how you can keep your visitors, customers, and employees free from suffering injuries relating to slips, trips, and falls.

Anti-Corruption Policies in the Workplace

While you may not consider corruption to be a typical workplace hazard, it can have significant financial and legal consequences for employees, organizations, marketplaces, and society as a whole. Because of this, understanding corruption and various anti-corruption techniques is vital for protecting your career, business, and community.

Why Choose a Subscription?

The Safety Essentials monthly subscription gives you access to a growing library of safety courses for a very reasonable monthly fee. To illustrate, here’s an example of the comparison made for a recent client. The list of safety courses required for their staff are listed below, and they have 103 employees who need training. Each course is available as a standalone course in our BIStrainer store, or as part of our Safety Essentials subscription. When you compare costs, you’ll see there is a significant savings to be had if you choose a subscription.

The cost to enroll 103 employees into each of these standalone courses would be:
$208.96 x 103 employees = $21,522.88

On a subscription basis, the total payment looks like this (based on a 1 year subscription):
$3.50 / month x 12 months x 103 employees = $4,326

In this example, the cost savings are substantial. You save $17,196.88 by choosing a subscription!

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