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Engage Learners

Content Review

Our editors will help improve your content by defining clear learning objectives, organizing the content for optimal learner retention, and clarifying the information to increase learner comprehension.

Treatment Plan

Once the course content has been finalized, the treatment plan is developed. During this stage we determine how each sentence and key learning point will be presented to the learner.

One of the keys to keeping learner attention is a good voice. With the right tone, pace, inflection, and emphasis, learning becomes more enjoyable and memorable.

Video Production

Video is a fantastic medium for introducing learners to new information. Accordingly, we offer on-site video services to bring your material to life right before their eyes.


Because a picture is worth a thousand words, our professional photographers capture sharp, high-resolution images on-site to enhance your training material.

Visual Design

Through the use of a strong, visually-pleasing design not only is the presentation of course material supported but the user experience is improved as well.


Dynamic, eye-catching animations are a great way to engage learners, highlight key learning points, and make abstract concepts concrete.

Learner engagement is critical to information retention and recall. Simulations, games, and other interactivity demand attention.

Supplemental Materials

Participant workbooks, DVDs, and pocket guides are great tools for supplementing course content and supporting future review.

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