Mobile Safety Forms

    Field Level Risk Assessments
    COR Audit forms
    Onboarding Documents
    Tax Forms
    Equipment maintenance forms
    Incident investigations
    Pre-Trip Inspections
    And more

Mobile Safety Forms

Online and Offline Mobile Functionality

The customizable mobile safety forms and assessments software is an advanced form builder that incorporates innovative drag-and-drop technology, allowing companies to build and administer thousands of forms online.

Each form can include checkboxes, dropdown lists, Likert scales, date and time stamps, as well as open text fields and electronic signatures. You can even add images and videos to the forms to provide additional information to those completing them.

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Each year, many companies have their staff fill out thousands of forms on paper, leading to issues finding electronic storage options or paying for data entry. But what if most of these administration costs could disappear with one simple program?

Users can fill out forms with any smart phone or tablet through a responsive and secure webpage that instantly tracks data. As they fill them out, they can upload images, notes, and even videos into the forms directly from their mobile devices. All forms can then be viewed online and printed in a .pdf format, and all data can be exported into Excel for trending data.

The mobile safety forms can even be used and accessed if you lose your internet connection. Any changes you make will be synced once you re-gain your internet connection. It is important to note that to login to the software or the included app you do need to have a working internet connection, however, if you enter an area where the signal drops you can continue to fill out the forms and they will sync once you re-connect so long as you do not exit the browser or shut down your phone.

Reporting and Analytics

You have access to all of the data and analytics contained in any mobile form filled out by your employees. Make better safety and business decisions by having a clearer picture of what is happening on your work sites.

View real-time reporting on:

    Near misses
    Incidents at each work site
    Site audits
    Hazard and risk assessments
    COR audits
    Equipment maintenance
    Toolbox talks
    and more

Fast and Easy Deployment

Unlimited technical support and a dedicated team to get you started

Your entire team will be up and running with mobile safety forms before you know it. When you sign on to use the BIStrainer digital forms feature you will have almost instant access to over one hundred digital form templates which means you don’t have to set up any forms yourself. Just dive in and start assigning forms to your team.

Fully Customizable Forms

Choose from over 100 pre-made form templates to use as they are or take advantage of the drag and drop technology to customize the forms to suit your exact needs!

Know exactly how you want the form set up? Create your own forms from scratch in minutes with elements like:

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SafeTapp Safety App

Support your health & safety management system with one convenient safety app.
With SafeTapp you can access:

  • Digital Safety Forms
  • Digital Folders
  • the Equipment & Asset Manager
  • Employee Records
  • ID Badges
  • and more

Download and store your training certificates on any smart phone or tablet.

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Access Select Digital Safety Forms - Free

Now, you can access a selection of digital safety forms for free when you create a personal account on BIStrainer or SafeTapp.

Download and complete any of the free digital safety forms as many times as you need. Save your progress and pick up where you left off with the convenient mobile app. Keep your safety forms online to cut down on lost paperwork and time spent on administrative tasks.

Drowning in a sea of paper-based forms and assessments?

Stop the tidal wave! Our form builder enables you to recreate any paper-based document so it can be completed
online using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.