Safety Forms and Assessments

Dynamic digital forms for all your assessment, validation, and audit needs

Online Safety Forms and Assessments

Each year, many companies have their staff fill out thousands of forms on paper, leading to issues finding electronic storage options or paying for data entry. But what if most of these administration costs could disappear with one simple program?

Our customizable safety forms and assessments software is an advanced form builder that incorporates innovative drag-and-drop technology, allowing companies to build and administer thousands of forms online. Each form can include checkboxes, dropdown lists, Likert scales, date and time stamps, as well as open text fields and electronic signatures. You can even add images and videos to the forms to provide additional information to those completing them.

Users can fill out forms with any smartphone or tablet through a responsive and secure webpage that instantly tracks data. As they fill them out, they can upload images, notes, and even videos into the forms directly from their mobile devices. All forms can then be viewed online and printed in a PDF format, and all data can be exported into Excel for trending data.

Create hundreds of customized forms, including:

Incident Investigations

Hazard Assessments

Competency Validations

COR Audits

Equipment Inspections

Worker Onboarding

Drowning in a sea of paper-based forms and assessments?

Stop the tidal wave! Our form builder enables you to recreate any paper-based document so it can be completed
online using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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