Air Brakes Refresher Program

Create your own learning experience as you prepare for your Alberta Air Brake knowledge test

Air Brakes Refresher Program

Air Brakes Refresher Program - Online Training

This online Air Brakes course is designed as a refresher and study aid for individuals who will write an Alberta Air Brake knowledge test at a registry. This course is also ideal for individuals or corporations with employees who need air brake refresher training.

The program comes in 4 sections: Sections 1 & 2 represents the full Alberta Curriculum; Section 3 is a set of interactive activities to enhance the learner experience; and Section 4 consists of practice tests. Students are allowed to move back and forth through all the material at will, allowing easy access for individual review topics. Users create their own experience.

This program can be employed in a number of ways:

  1. To understand the cost of driving drowsy
  2. As a preview before taking your Alberta Air Brake Program
  3. As preparation for your Alberta Air Brake written test (Alberta Registries test after an actual air brake program)
  4. As a great review for anyone or any company with employees who require or would like an air brake refresher

Air Brakes Refresher Program - Online Course Topics

Section One: Air Brake Curriculum Part 1

  1. Introduction
    1. Program Outline
  2. Air Brake Pretrip
    1. Reservoirs Full
    2. Reservoirs Empty
  3. Airbrake System Overview
  4. Supply System
  5. Service System
  6. Park Brakes
  7. Tractor / Trailer
  8. System Failures

Section Two: Air Brake Curriculum Part 2

  1. Foundation Brakes and Adjustment
  2. Air Operated Disc Brakes
  3. Driving Tips
    1. Braking
    2. Retarders
    3. Icy Roads
    4. Downgrades
      1. On Highways
      2. Pre-hill Inspections
      3. In Town
      4. Runaway Lanes
  4. Anti-Lock Braking Systems
  5. Automatic Traction Control

Section Three: Activities

  1. General Introduction
  2. Pretrip Activity
  3. Supply System Activity
  4. Service System
  5. Park Brake Activity
  6. Tractor / Trailer Activity
  7. System Failure Activity
  8. Foundation Brake Activity

This program was developed by Dr. Randy Flemmer who has over 30 years of driver education and fleet safety experience.


Average Completion Time

Completion times vary depending on the number of times the information is viewed prior to finishing the course. The average completion time is 90 minutes.


Knowledge Assessment

This course is designed as a refresher and study aid for those who will write their Alberta Air Brake Exam at a registry. Questions and activities included are for practice.


Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of this course, a certificate will be available to download and print. You can access your certificate through your online account.

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