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Courses Included in the Safety & HR Essentials Course Subscription

  • Active Shooter/Active Threat: How to Survive
  • Active Shooter/Active Threat: Organizational Preparedness & Recovery
  • ADA for Supervisors
  • Aerial Lifts for Construction
  • Aerial Lifts for General Industry
  • Arc Flash/Arc Blast Awareness &Safety
  • Asbestos Awareness Training
  • Back Safety: Keep Your Back In Action
  • Bloodborne Pathogens: Safety in the Workplace
  • Caught-In or -Between Hazards in Construction
  • Cold Stress
  • Compressed Gas Cylinders Online
  • Computer Workstation Design & Use
  • Confined Spaces: Entry Team Training - Construction Activities
  • Confined Spaces: Entry Team Training - Maintenance Activities
  • Construction Safety Basics: In Case of an Emergency
  • Construction Safety Basics: Safe Use of Equipment
  • Construction Safety Basics: Work Environment
  • Construction Safety Basics: Work Practices
  • Crane Safety for General Industry
  • Cranes and Derricks for Construction
  • Crystalline Silica for Construction Employees
  • Crystalline Silica for Construction Employers
  • Crystalline Silica for General Industry Employees
  • Crystalline Silica for General Industry Employers
  • Diversity and Discrimination for Employees
  • Diversity and Discrimination for Supervisors
  • Effective Communication for Employees
  • Effective Communication for Supervisors
  • Electrical Safety: Training for Unqualified Employees
  • Electrocution for Construction: Focus Four Hazards
  • Emergency Eyewash &Shower Use
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Ergonomics: Office
  • Excavations for Construction
  • Fall Protection for Construction
  • Fall Protection for General Industry
  • Fire Extinguisher Use
  • Fire Prevention & Response
  • First Aid Basics Online
  • FMLA for Supervisors
  • Forklift Operator Safety Training for Construction
  • Forklift Training: Maintaining Your Forklift
  • Forklift Training: Non-Operator Safety
  • Forklift Training: Specialized Units & Attachments
  • Forklifts: Ultimate Hazard Perception Challenge (Advanced)
  • Forklifts: Ultimate Hazard Perception Challenge (Basic)
  • Forklifts: Ultimate Hazard Perception Challenge (Intermediate)
  • Hand &Foot Protection: PPE Employee Essentials
  • Hand &Power Tools For Construction
  • Hazardous Substances: Incidental Spill Response
  • Hazardous Substances: Spill Discovery & Notification
  • HazCom: GHS Container Labels
  • HazCom: GHS Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • HazCom: Introduction to Hazard Communication &GHS
  • Hazcom: LoQue Debe Saber
  • Hazcom: What You Need to Know
  • HAZWOPER Refresher for Emergency Responders: Chemical Fundamentals
  • HAZWOPER Refresher for Emergency Responders: Decontamination
  • HAZWOPER Refresher for Emergency Responders: Emergency & Post-Emergency Response Procedures
  • HAZWOPER Refresher for Emergency Responders: Emergency
  • Response Planning
  • HAZWOPER Refresher for Emergency Responders: Exposure Monitoring & Sampling
  • HAZWOPER Refresher for Emergency Responders: Hazardous Substance Recognition &Identification
  • HAZWOPER Refresher for Emergency Responders: Medical Program
  • HAZWOPER Refresher for Emergency Responders: Personal Protective Equipment & Clothing
  • HAZWOPER: Chemical Fundamentals
  • HAZWOPER: Confined Spaces
  • HAZWOPER: Decontamination
  • HAZWOPER: Electrical Safety & Lockout/Tagout
  • HAZWOPER: Emergency & Post-Emergency Response Procedures
  • HAZWOPER: Emergency Response Planning
  • HAZWOPER: Exposure Monitoring & Sampling
  • HAZWOPER: Fire Prevention & Protection
  • HAZWOPER: Handling &Shipping Drums & Containers
  • HAZWOPER: Hazardous Substance Recognition &Identification
  • HAZWOPER: Health &Physical Hazards
  • HAZWOPER: Introduction to HAZWOPER for Waste Site Workers
  • HAZWOPER: Medical Program
  • HAZWOPER: Overview for Waste Site Workers
  • HAZWOPER: Personal Protective Equipment & Clothing
  • HAZWOPER: PPE and Other Hazard Control Measures
  • HAZWOPER: Radiation &Biological Exposures
  • HAZWOPER: Refresher for Waste Site Workers: Emergency Response & Decontamination
  • HAZWOPER: Respiratory Protection
  • HAZWOPER: Site Control Measures
  • HAZWOPER: Temperature Extremes
  • HAZWOPER: Written HAZWOPER Plans & Programs
  • Head, Eye, &Face Protection: PPE Employee Essentials
  • Health Hazards for Construction
  • Hearing Protection: PPE Employee Essentials
  • Heat Stress
  • Hot Work: Safety Operations Training
  • Housekeeping &Maintenance
  • Hydrogen Sulfide for General Industry
  • Hydrogen Sulfide for Oil & Gas
  • Incident Investigations for Accidents & Near Misses
  • Industrial Ergonomics
  • Ladder Safety for General Industry
  • Lockout / Tagout: Put a Lock on Hazardous Energy
  • Machine Guarding Online
  • Material Handling Safety
  • Material Handling, Storage, Use, & Disposal for Construction
  • Motorized Pallet Jacks: Safe Operation
  • Office Safety
  • Personal Protective & Lifesaving Equipment for Construction
  • Personal Protective Equipment: Employee Essentials Online
  • Power Tool & Extension Cord Safety
  • RCRA Hazardous Waste Generator Training
  • Safety Audits for Employees
  • Scaffolding Safety for General Industry
  • Scaffolds for Construction
  • Scissor Lifts for Construction
  • Scissor Lifts for General Industry
  • Slips &Trips for Construction
  • Slips, Trips, & Falls: Hazard Perception Challenge
  • Stairways and Ladders for Construction
  • Stairways for General Industry
  • Step Bolts & Manhole Steps for Telecommunications
  • Struck-By Hazards in Construction
  • Substance Abuse Training for Employees
  • Substance Abuse Training for Supervisors
  • Team Building for Employees
  • Team Building for Supervisors
  • Walking-Working Surfaces: What Employees Need to Know
  • Walking-Working Surfaces: What Supervisors Need to Know
  • Walkway Safety for Employees
  • Walkway Safety for Supervisors
  • Welding: Safety & Health Protections
  • Winter Safety: Working & Driving in Snow, Ice, & Extreme Cold
  • Workplace Bullying & Violence: Training for Employees
  • Workplace Bullying & Violence: Training for Supervisors
  • Workplace Injury & Illness: OSHA Reporting & Recordkeeping for Managers
  • Workplace Safety Basics: In Case of an Emergency
  • Workplace Safety Basics: Safe Use of Equipment
  • Workplace Safety Basics: Work Environment
  • Workplace Safety Basics: Work Practices

*All course subscriptions require a 1-year contract with a minimum of 100 users. A $500 fee is used to set up your custom portal. Pricing is subject to change.
~ New courses are added to the course subscriptions regularly. Click the button below to get a pdf of the most up-to-date course list.

Course Package Includes:

Learning Management System

As a part of the course package you have access to an enterprise-level learning management system (LMS) that includes:

  • The ability to assign your employees their required training
  • The opportunity to complete training online anywhere with internet
  • A robust exam engine, SCORM 1.2 and 2004 compatibility
  • An integrated eCommerce store, and course permission
  • A design built for companies with strong safety training needs

Utilize our robust learning management system to build, host, and deliver your own online courses, tests, and surveys through our secure course player and exam engine.

Reporting and Automatic Notifications

Excel-compatible data management and reporting creates seamless communication between the BIStrainer software and the spreadsheet files currently used by your various departments.

View online report dashboards and receive automated notifications for topics such as:

  • Training About to Expire and Learning Gap Analysis
  • Number of Course Completions by each of your Team Members
  • Location Specific Reports for your various Offices and Job Sites
  • Risk Analysis Based on Hazard Assessments and Site Audits
  • And Much More

You can also download all of your data into excel compatible formats so that you can continue reviewing the information even if you are offline.

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Additional Tools to Compliment the Course Subscription

Training Record Management

Secure online storage of all classroom and online training records in one central location

With our robust Training Record Management System, you can upload employee training records, including a copy of each certificate, regardless of the training provider. Once records are uploaded, automatic expiry alerts can be sent to employees, supervisors, and managers to help ensure your employees’ training is always up to date.

    ✔ Certificate Management
    ✔ Expiry Alerts
    ✔ Auto Archiving
    ✔ Training Hours Reports
    ✔ Mass Record Upload/Update Tools

Equipment Manager

Keeping track of equipment can be difficult. Common questions like, “What condition is it in?” or “What was the outcome of the last inspection” can take hours to answer. But what if these answers were available anytime, anywhere, on demand with any connected mobile device?

With our innovative Equipment Management software, location and status are just the beginning of what you can track:

    ✔ Mileage
    ✔ Hours
    ✔ Qualified Personnel
    ✔ Maintenance
    ✔ Advanced Analytics
    ✔ And More
Digital Forms

Each year, many companies have their staff fill out thousands of forms on paper, leading to issues finding electronic storage options or paying for data entry. But what if most of these administration costs could disappear with one simple program?

The customizable Digital Safety Forms and assessments software is an advanced form builder that incorporates innovative drag-and-drop technology, allowing companies to build and administer thousands of forms online. Each form can include checkboxes, dropdown lists, Likert scales, date and time stamps, as well as open text fields and electronic signatures. You can even add images and videos to the forms to provide additional information to those completing them.

Users can fill out forms with any smart phone or tablet through a responsive and secure webpage that instantly tracks data. As they fill them out, they can upload images, notes, and even videos into the forms directly from their mobile devices. All forms can then be viewed online and printed in a .pdf format, and all data can be exported into Excel for trending data.

Classroom Calendar

Manage all your classroom training with this easy-to-use online Classroom Calendar tool. Take control of your classroom-based training by managing it all online with our powerful calendar tool that can manage hundreds of instructors, classrooms, and courses across multiple cities.

    Classroom Management: Never double book a classroom, instructor, or trainee again.

    Instructor Management: Reduce administration via self-registration and automated notifications.

    Course Management: Instantly schedule training events by dragging and dropping courses onto the calendar.

Safety & HR Essential Courses for Your Entire Team

The Safety & HR Essentials subscription package likely has almost all safety and HR training courses your company needs, all for one great price.