Customer Success Stories

Partner and Client Stories of Adversity and Success

At BIS Safety Software, we want to grow and learn. Our customers help us do that.

We can learn so much from each other. Our customers have incredible stories of wild successes, challenges, and everything in between, and we don’t want to keep these stories to ourselves. We invite you to read through these articles and learn from the amazing journeys our customers have been on.

How Cranemasters Grew During the Pandemic

Learn More about Cranemaster’s Journey Towards Virtual Training

Cranemasters had become a premier training organization dedicated to keeping crane operators and their colleagues safe. The COVID-19 restrictions became a major obstacle. Cranemasters was forced to adapt their courses to an online format. Learn more about what Cranemasters did to pivot and continue to grow their business during the Pandemic…

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How Winair Became the Safest, and Most Reliable, Regional Air Carrier

Winair Has Had Zero Accidents or Fatalities in 59 Years!

Windward Air, or Winair as it is commonly known, has been able to upkeep an impressive safety record for the last 59 years that they have been in service. With their robust training protocols and safety management system, this is how Winair has been able to keep their employees, and passengers safe…

Learn More About Winair – Specialists in WCB Claims Management Training

WCB Claims Management Saves Canadian Companies over $12 Million in Premiums

Anthony Butkovic has spent the last 15 years accumulating knowledge from cities all over Canada to create the most comprehensive WCB Consulting program. His knowledge of WCB claims management educates employers and employees to ensure the best outcome in the event of a WCB claim.

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Ste. Anne Natural Gas Co-op Fuels the Community

Helping the Community in a Sustainable Way

Ste. Anne Natural Gas Co-op (SANG) has become the largest natural gas distributor in rural Alberta. By staying active in the community and innovative with their initiatives, SANG has been very successful in their business ventures. Learn more about SANG and their secret to success.

Learn SANG's History

The Impressive Story of NACG

From a Single Bulldozer to a Prominent Canadian Construction Company

North American Construction has been through a lot over the years. From starting the company with a single bulldozer to being a publicly traded company worth over one billion dollars. Read more to learn how NACG was able to achieve so much in a turbulent industry.

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ASTEC Safety – Financial Hardship to Industry Leader

ASTEC Safety Brushes Against a Financial Cliff on the Way to Becoming an Industry Leader

ASTEC Safety was in a tough financial position when, in 2015, the new leadership team decided it was time to change the company culture, strategy, and values. The financial rebound was incredible, and their story contains lessons from which we can all learn.

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