Training Record Management System (TRMS)

Manage all classroom and online training records in one central location

Excel Compatibility and Data Management

File compatibility can sometimes hold back organizations. To keep you moving forward, BIStrainer uses an Excel-compatible data management system, making it one of the fastest ways for your company to go paperless. Simply upload your company’s spreadsheet information, and our system will centrally manage important data for you and output XSL or CSV files upon request.

Excel spreadsheets allow you to:

  • Create user accounts
  • Update user profiles
  • Store training information, including copies of certificates
  • Download training reports to your desktop
  • Verify employees with payroll comparison
  • Convert data storage files for external and internal use

Excel-compatible data management creates seamless communication between our software and the spreadsheet files currently used by your various departments.

Advanced Functionality

Email Notification

System automated emails remind managers, and/or supervisors of the required training assigned to them and their team.

Customize Requirements

Our system has the flexibility to assign required or recommended training to individuals, roles, or locations.

Search Feature

To enable you to quickly navigate through all of your company’s training records, our system has a robust, built-in search engine.

Centrally Manage and Maintain All Training Records

Stop wasting valuable time, money, and energy manually tracking employee training records in Excel. Centrally manage and maintain all records using the advanced cloud-based Training Record Management System. Have lots of records? No problem. Using Excel or API technology you can upload thousands of training records in minutes. To further increase ease and efficiency, use your mobile device to access records and receive email notifications when your employees’ training is about to expire so you don’t find out when they arrive on the job where delays can be costly.
Wish you could automate assignment of training to employees based on their location and job description? It’s easy with the integrated training matrix. Assign approved courses to each job description and location, then have the system automatically provide all employees with access to their own required training, if online, or contact details if the training is classroom based.

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Training Record Management System

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