Driver Management

Driver Management Software

Driver Management Software

Manage all your commercial driver training requirements and information

The Driver Management Software makes administration easy through direct integration with our learning management platform. This allows for seamless communication with the Training Record Management System and online learning centre.

The system tracks all required driver information including license number, expiry, and type as well as medical certification and Hazmat endorsement when applicable. By updating this information and entering a licence expiry, automatic email notifications will let drivers, supervisors, and system administrators know about expiring licences 90 days before the expiry date.

Once the Driver Information Management Software is set up, you can directly upload any required documents, including driver’s abstracts, licences, work history, collision information, annual assessments, traffic violations, medical certifications, release forms, and vehicle use agreements. The list can be customized according to specific company needs. Files can be uploaded in .pdf, .jpg, .png and even Excel (.xml) and Word (.doc) file formats.

Uploaded files are accessible online to any system administrator and can be exported on demand into an Excel spreadsheet, providing a summary of each driver’s name, ID, licence number, class, type, expiry, location, risk class, and any other documents loaded into the system.

The Driver Information Management System also allows you to track a driver’s training and certification as it is created. Classroom and online courses can be tracked and compiled as each course is completed, giving you a real-time window into each driver’s compliance and permissions. Through the system’s central course library, you can access leading driver training courses, including Hours of Service, Weights and Dimensions, Daily Trip Inspections, Cargo Securement, WHMIS, and TDG.

Pre-Trip Inspection Software

Drivers know how important it is to inspect their vehicles before every trip. It can help prevent dangerous situations or fatal accidents. Set your drivers up with the pre-trip inspection software that will help them complete, track, and save their inspections all on the secure BIStrainer cloud.

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Ready to Get Started?

Through direct integration with our Learning Management System, the Driver Management software streamlines administration. With Driver and Training Record Management software, your business can manage all your commercial driver training without interruption.

Get started and learn how to make the most of the system with these three easy steps.

Step 1 - Contact Our Team

If you are interested in using our Driver Management software, reach out to our team, and let them know you would like to get started! They can answer any questions and get things rolling.

Step 2 - Launch Your Branded Portal

Using your companies colors and assets as inspiration, we can design a custom branded portal for your forms, automated workflows, reporting, and more.

Step 3 - Professional Onboarding

Our team of dedicated onboarding specialists will work with you to ensure your business understands the BIStrainer system and how to utilize it to the fullest.

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BIStrainer is a leading-edge Learning Management System that was designed to manage, track, deliver, and report on organizational training efforts. Through a continuous improvement mandate, implementation of new innovations and system features are the norm.

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The SafetyNET allows us to capitalize on the knowledge, experience, and expertise of all our network partners to bring you industry-leading safety training programs.

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