Corporate Training

Corporate Training Accounts

Sign up as a corporate client to get on-demand access to all SafetyNET courses

Why a Corporate Training Account?

A corporate client account gives you access to a custom-branded private portal that mirrors your company’s website colours and branding. The system allows you to effortlessly create accounts for your employees and assign them safety training courses without the need to pre-buy any seats, and the best part, you only pay for courses that your employees complete.

For a low, one time set up fee of $500, the BIS team will launch your custom branded portal with your company logo and colors. It will also give you the ability to:

  • Access unlimited excel reporting and dashboards
  • Receive course completion notifications
  • Review expiring course alerts
  • Auto-assign new training when an existing course is about to expire
  • Integrate this system with almost any existing payroll system

The BIS team will also support you with onboarding and training on how to best utilize your portal.

Course List

There are hundreds of courses available on The SafetyNET, each developed by leading safety training providers from across Canada and the U.S. This enormous course library allows you to access training from a variety of categories including driver training, equipment fundamentals, electrical safety, general awareness, and many more. To view our full course list, click the button below.


There is a one-time setup fee to create your custom-branded portal and administrative accounts. Once the setup is complete, you can create accounts for your employees and grant them access to any courses from The SafetyNET library. You will receive a monthly invoice & accompanying statement indicating which courses were completed in the month, who completed them, and when.

Access the Course Library on any Device

Only pay for the courses your employees complete

Not only can you access the store and all training courses from a desktop or laptop computer, but you can also browse the store and take many of the training courses directly from a mobile device!

Employees can purchase and train on courses from a work tablet, phone, or computer. Providing your team with premium safety training has never been more accessible!

You also never pay for a single course that your employees don’t need. If your workers only need WHMIS or Ground Disturbance than you only pay for those courses. With the eSafety corporate account you will never have to deal with unnecessary course bundles.

Benefits of Corporate Training Accounts

    Building your own library of safety training courses and keeping them up to date can be expensive. Instead, sign up for an eSafety account to access hundreds of leading safety training courses created by leading safety training companies. With so many courses readily available, an eSafety account can save you significant time, money, and energy.
    The onboarding process for new employees can be a laborious and taxing undertaking for any human resource or management team. Using an eSafety corporate account, you can assign required training courses to new employees for completion prior to their first day on the work site, enabling them to begin contributing to the company from day one.

    eSafety accounts offer a host of benefits including the ability to assign, manage, and track training for a large number of employees. All employees can access the latest company training, internal surveys, & knowledge-based exams while managers can use a powerful reporting dashboard to view employees’ test results & certificates, as well as details about their completions.

3 Quick Steps to Set Up a Corporate Training Account

Step 1

Set up a New Account
We require your company’s name and address, a list of people who require admin accounts, and the website address we should use to custom brand your portal.

Step 2

Select Courses
Go through the comprehensive list of The SafetyNET courses and let us know which ones you would like to have available to assign to your employees.

Step 3

Assign Training
Upload a list of all employees and assign training as needed across your company, then select which courses are made available to which employees.

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