Field Level Hazard
Assessments (FLHA)

Improve your safety program and reduce accidents while saving time and money with online hazard assessment software.

Field Level Hazard Assessment (FLHA) Software

Catch hazards before they become incidents

Before work begins on site, your employees must perform hazard assessments. Whether you call them Field Level Risk Assessments (FLRAs) or Field Level Hazard Assessments (FLHAs), they help your workers identify and assess hazards within their work environment. This practice helps individuals consider and identify proper hazard controls, allowing for potential hazards to be eliminated or reduced. But the inconvenience of carrying around paperwork, clipboards, and writing utensils is often a challenge. Employees who find it a hassle may not have the forms handy, which results in less hazard assessments being completed.

Imagine if you could get rid of the inconvenience. Imagine if these forms were available online and could be completed with a smartphone or tablet whenever and wherever Internet is available. Using digital field level risk assessment forms, your workers can do just that. Plus, you can instantly get reporting details, trending data, and tracking on important safety issues. But that’s just the beginning…

comprehensive hazard assessment forms

Hazard Management Made Easy

With the hazard assessment software, hazard identification checklists are completely customizable to your company’s needs. Just use our form builder technology to include special form features like:


Build a detailed list of common hazards found at each work site, then have workers check off those present during the FLRA. Depending on the severity of each hazard, you can program notifications to supervisors when certain checkboxes are selected. You can also program additional fields to appear automatically when certain items are checked, making each form dynamically tailored to the situation at hand.

Open Text Fields

Have workers create their own lists of the hazards found, then automatically assign the assessment to a supervisor to review. Or leave open text fields for workers to make notes on what caused the hazard and hazard controls used.

Dropdown Lists

Assess multiple tasks on the same form using customized dropdown lists. Workers select the task, and a customized hazard checklist will appear for each task. Or allow the form to automatically duplicate each checklist to keep data consistent.

Image/Video Integration

Allow workers to upload images and videos to their hazard assessments, giving you a better look at what’s being found on site. You can also include videos straight into the form for workers to view, allowing you to provide detailed instructions without confusion or misinterpretation.

Calculation Fields

Streamline your risk analysis process by providing calculations for rating the probability, severity, and frequency of hazards. Workers rate the three categories of risk from 1–3, then the hazard assessment software generates a comprehensive automated report to help identify risk levels and hazard prioritization in real time.

Document Uploader

Allow workers to upload any appropriate permits/confirmations directly into the form with any cellphone or tablet with an integrated device webcam.

Customizable Required Fields

Ensure your workers’ safety by specifying what fields are required. You can even specify the circumstances under which a particular field is required. For instance, if a certain hazard is checked off, you can program the form to require that specialized PPE or other safety equipment be checked off as well. If not checked, the form can be flagged for supervisor review.

Date and Time Stamps

Track the frequency and regularity of your FLHAs by recording the date and time of each assessment.

Electronic Signatures

Use the software’s electronic signature capability to ensure workers are signing off on their hazard assessments. Then program the assessment to assign to supervisors upon completion and have them provide electronic signoff as well.

Additional Features

Our hazard assessment software does more than provide you with the convenience of digital forms; it improves your reporting and tracking for more accurate and efficient hazard mitigation. Here are just some of the additional ways we can help you better your FLRA processes:

Automatic Assignment

All it takes to ensure your hazard assessments are going to the right workers is a few clicks of a button. Choose to assign specific forms by user role, location, equipment, or even on an individual basis, then sit back while our software hands the forms out for you.

Instant Submission

No more waiting around for hazard assessments to come across your desk. The second your worker hits Submit, the form is instantly uploaded and ready for review.

Cloud Storage

You’ll never have to worry about where or how to access completed forms ever again. All forms are stored on our secure, cloud-based server, so you can see all completed hazard assessments whether in the office or out in the field.

Paperless Records

Administrative costs too high? Eliminate the costs by going paperless. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also gain peace of mind knowing your paperless records won’t get lost of misfiled.

Escalated Notifications

You already know that you can specify certain responses and fields to trigger notifications to supervisors for follow-ups, but the hazard assessment software’s notification capabilities go beyond that. With escalated notifications, you can specify individuals to follow up on forms if action is not taken by a supervisor after a specified length of time.

Excel Reporting

We keep our reports informative, accessible, and user friendly with the help of Excel spreadsheets. Our reports also provide trending data so that you can keep track of hazards that are frequently appearing and work to better mitigate them. Reports are also available in PDF form for added accessibility.

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