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Secure training record storage and offline forms - Your personal safety training wallet app

SafeTapp: Support your most important health & safety objectives with one convenient EHS App. Access a wide range of safety tools from your phone including all your training certificates, safety forms, company policies and procedures, and more! Putting certificate access and verification in your hands with your personal digital wallet app for BIStrainer. Download and store your training certificates on any smart phone or tablet.


Your phone is always with you. Now, thanks to SafeTapp, your training certificates can be too.

Keeping physical tickets and paper records of training is not only inconvenient for employers and workers alike, it’s costly and time consuming. SafeTapp removes the bulk from your wallet and transfers everything onto your phone or tablet with a simple tap.

As you receive more training and more tickets, uploading everything onto SafeTapp is as easy as snapping a picture. Using the certificate uploader, all you need to do is fill in some basic information, upload a picture of your ticket, and then everything is instantly stored on your device.

Synchronize Records

With SafeTapp, you can rest assured that all your records are up-to-date and accurate. Newly completed training in BIStrainer will sync with the app, and your tickets uploaded into SafeTapp will instantly sync with the system. As records are validated, verified, or expire in BIStrainer, they update in SafeTapp, so employers never have to question the accuracy of your records.

By tapping the QR codes on your certificates, you can monitor the status of your record verification on the go. You can check if your records are verified, in the process of verification, expiring soon, or already expired.

Digital Verification

Using QR code technology, you can verify employee records in seconds. Scanning the QR code on a ticket will instantly show you the status of that record, including the certificate number, completion date, expiry date, pass mark, and ID verification status. Additionally, you can equip your employees with badges containing QR codes and scan those, instantly showing you a complete list of that employee’s training records.

When QR codes aren’t readily accessible to you, manual verification is. Using either certificate number or user ID, you can pull up a complete list of that employee’s training, then click into each record for more information and copies of the certificates.

Digital Folders

Our Digital Foldering System allows you and your employee access to important company policies, lockout procedures, and equipment manuals. Upload important company policies to our safety software application in PDF, Word, & Excel format so you can access important anytime, anywhere.

Digital Safety Forms

You now have the power to build your own digital forms in minutes or choose from our template library. Forms become easily accessible by your people anytime and anywhere, even if they are offline. Designed for use in the field to complete any custom forms including incident investigations, hazard assessments, daily toolbox talks, competency validations, and much more. It’s easy to capture photos, videos, and more—even offline. Access real time incident reporting, alerts and notifications.

ID Badges

In addition to the functionality already mentioned, SafeTapp can also be used to:

  • Scan BIStrainer generated ID badges
  • Access the resulting list of employer or contractor training records

No QR code to scan? No problem. Manual verification is also possible!

By entering a certificate number and matching last name in SafeTapp, you can access details of a worker’s training, including the course title, expiry date, ID verification status, and more. By inputting a user ID, you can pull up a complete history of that worker’s training, then click each record to receive more information and view copies of their certificates.


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