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We deliver innovative technology, development services, and safety training that foster continual learning and development

Assign courses, upload records, store certificates, run reports, and transfer data using a Learning Management System that is custom-branded for your company.

We provide end-to-end course development services including content editing, storyboard creation, on-site videography and photography, animations, learning activities, professional voice-overs, and more.

Through the SafetyNET hundreds of online courses covering defensive driving, wilderness awareness, equipment safety, first-aid training, and more can be accessed on demand on a pay-per-use basis.

The SafetyNET

The SafetyNET is a network of more than 200 leading safety training companies from across North America who collectively share and provide companies and individuals with access to a wide variety of safety training courses through one centralized online application.

Since 2010, the collaborative partnership between these training companies has not only enabled the best-of-the-best in online safety training to be brought together in one location but it is also helping to improve industry safety performance through the provision of convenient, cost-effective training.

Looking toward the future, the SafetyNET will seek to continually set new standards in training through ongoing technological innovations and implementation of feedback from industry experts and leaders. Be a part of this exciting future by becoming a part of The SafetyNET.

Learning Management System

Our learning management system is one of the very few enterprise level solutions created from the ground up over the last decade. We offer our customers simplicity and speed combined with a robust setup of features that allows small organizations to scale and large organizations to integrate.

The learning management platform is unique in that it supports a community-based development model where each system feature that is developed is paid for by the client that needed it, but made available to all other users automatically. With this model, you can automatically gain access to a number of system features each month, making it beneficial to all.


Our learning management technology includes an integrated eCommerce solution that accepts all major credit cards in both Canadian and American dollars.


Using our cloud-based hosting solution, you will receive global access without speed issues almost anywhere on the planet.

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Our learning management system grants you access to one of the most advanced reporting systems available, including features like Excel and drill-down reporting.


With our learning management system, you can make courses readily accessible through mobile computing, one of the most rapidly growing technologies in history.

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Why Partner With Us?

1. The Network

The SafetyNET allows us to capitalize on the knowledge, experience, and expertise of all our network partners to bring you industry-leading safety training programs.

2. The Team

Our team of extremely talented individuals has extensive experience delivering high-quality, on-time and on-budget training products and services including online courses, DVDs, and training manuals.

3. The Technology

BIStrainer is a leading-edge Learning Management System that was designed to manage, track, deliver, and report on organizational training efforts. Through a continuous improvement mandate, implementation of new innovations and system features are the norm.

4. The Service

We pride ourselves on providing extraordinarily high levels of customer service and it shows. We are well-known for our fast response time, our friendly service, and our ability to go above and beyond for our clients. If we can help you in anyway, don’t hesitate to let us know how!

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