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The BIS Incident Management Software is a powerful incident software that lets organizations collect comprehensive incident data, create an accurate picture of the event, identify root causes and learning points, implement corrective actions, and ensure proper incident notification up the chain of command. It was developed and enhanced by safety professionals, for safety professionals, and provides a complete EHS incident management software solution.

BIS includes many invaluable features that will help you quickly and effectively realize the benefits of an incident management system:

  • Track incidents and identify trends
  • Review the workflow for each incident investigation
  • Understand why, when and where incidents occur
  • Prevent, report and resolve incidents
  • Easily provide updates to senior management
  • Protect your company and workplace
Incident Management Software on a Tablet

What is Incident Management?

The term “incident” refers to a work-related event in which an injury, illness, or fatality occurred or could have occurred, regardless of the severity. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that almost 3 million injuries, and approximately 4,500 deaths, occur on the job every year in the U.S. alone. OSHA requires employers in the U.S. to conduct investigations of all incidents (including both actual accidents and near misses) to identify the root cause and to keep similar events from happening again.

It is vital to the safety of your employees that all incidents, regardless of size or impact, are properly investigated and reported in order to prevent similar accidents from happening again.

Incident Management involves all the steps your company takes to investigate, report, and analyze an incident, as well as in the development and implementation of corrective actions required to prevent a similar incident from occurring in the future.

System Features and Benefits

Automated Investigation Workflow

Escalating Email Notifications

Mobile Compatibility

Manage Corrective Actions

Powerful Reporting & Analytics

Root Cause Analysis

Ready to Get Started?

Our Incident Management System is powered by our digital forms module. If you are looking for pricing you can head to our Software Pricing page and select the Digital Forms module and enter the total number of employees within your company.

Get started and learn how to make the most of the system with these three easy steps.

Step 1 - Contact Our Team

If you are ready to utilize the Incident Management System, reach out to our team and let them know you would like to get started! They can answer any questions and get things rolling.

Step 2 - Launch Your Branded Portal

Using your companies colors and assets as inspiration, we can design a custom branded portal for your Incident Management forms, automated workflows, and reporting.

Step 3 - Professional Onboarding

Our team of dedicated onboarding specialists will work with you to ensure your business understands the BIStrainer system and how to utilize it to the fullest.

Track All Types of Incidents

  • Record detailed incident information using incident management software including injuries, illnesses, near misses, hazard IDs, property damage, environmental releases, and other workplace events within a single, easy-to-use cloud-based system.
  • Attach documents, photos, files, links, and other relevant information for fast, centralized access and reference
  • Collect various pieces of incident data, including:
    • Witness statements and contact information
    • Location information
    • Photos of the scene and/or incident
    • Related documents and records
    • Information from company-specific questionnaires and checklists; and
    • Relevant environmental data

Conduct an Effective Root Cause Analysis

  • Track multiple potential reasons and sub-reasons for the incident. When you have gathered enough evidence, information, and data, simply select the most fitting underlying cause to include in the incident report

Manage Corrective Actions

  • Quickly and easily perform in-depth incident investigations, risk assessments, and root cause analyses to help generate more effective corrective actions
  • Assign and track corrective actions from your desktop or mobile device
  • Set up escalating email notifications to ensure corrective actions are completed correctly and on-time

Powerful Reporting & Analytic Tools

  • Pre-built reports allow you to instantly and accurately visualize workplace safety performance across a wide range of indicators
  • Create custom reports for greater visibility of critical incident metrics

Quickly Provide Updates to Senior Management

  • Automatically notify any and all relevant parties (H&S staff, managers, etc.) once an incident report has been filed
  • Send incident summary reports to all designated parties within your organization
  • Trigger an automated investigation workflow/approval escalation process that moves through the appropriate chain of command for the employee(s) involved
  • Automatically generate and send assignment emails that allow the assignee to access and update the incident record
  • Configure reminders to run at different frequencies before and after the assignment due date.
  • Maintain a history of incident approvals and rejections that includes approver comments.
Online Incident Management Software
Incident management software

Tips for Developing a Successful Incident Management Program:

Develop a written Incident Investigation Plan

Your incident investigation plan should also identify and assign the following key roles and responsibilities:

  • Who is in charge of the investigation?
  • Who should gather physical evidence?
  • Who will take notes and photographs?
  • Who should interview witnesses and victims?
  • Who will prepare the final report?
  • Who should receive copies of the final report?
  • Who is responsible for implementing corrective action?
  • Finally, who will notify management, OSHA, and outside agencies (fire, police, etc)?

Figuring out in advance who will do what in the event of an incident ensures that your response will be quick, organized, and efficient should one occur.

Organize your Incident Investigation Team

Keeping your team organized ensures all members are properly prepared and trained in the necessary protocols and procedures before an accident or near miss happens. It’s also a good idea to prepare an investigations kit and ensure that all employees, managers, and supervisors know where it is kept. Your incident investigation team should be made up of a mix of employees, managers, supervisors, EHS professionals, and can go as high up as the CEO! This is to ensure that key people know how to conduct a proper investigation and are immediately notified of an incident.

Conduct the Investigation

Make sure your investigation is done in an efficient, logical manner. As a general rule of thumb, a well-conducted incident investigation should roughly follow these five steps:

  1. Control the scene
  2. Identify, collect, and label evidence. This can include taking photos of the scene, inspecting relevant equipment and machinery, and reviewing H&S and training records
  3. Interview all witnesses
  4. Finally, determine the likely cause(s) of the incident, such as a lack of training, faulty PPE, and/or defects in hazard controls
Develop an Action Plan

After you conduct your investigation, the next step is to develop an action plan. Action plans address & identify the corrective steps that must be taken to prevent accidents from happening again, which can include recommending more robust hazard controls and/or addressing training needs.

Implement Corrective Actions

Even the greatest Incident Management Program is completely worthless if, at the end of it, corrective actions are not taken. These corrective actions should address and eliminate the root cause of the incident.

Learn Your Lessons

A major part of an efficient incident management strategy is learning from incidents and communicating these lessons to both local and global members of your organization.

Proper incident management is essential for ensuring your organization learns from its mistakes, that these lessons are shared with all team members, and that appropriate actions are taken to ensure the same mistakes don’t happen again. Learning from past incidents will help your organization prevent:

  • The recurrence of costly and deadly incidents
  • Prolonged absences of key team members
  • Future delays in product and service delivery to customers; and
  • The development of a negative image or reputation
Retain Your Incident Records

Records of work-related accidents and near misses, including the incident investigation report and all other related records, should be documented and retained for future reference. Reports should be retained for at least 5 years, however, with BIS Safety Software’ Safety Incident Management Software, reports can be easily and conveniently retained, and recovered, indefinitely.

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Efficient and Secure Incident Management

Incident Management is a critical part of many industries. Help streamline and secure your processes today with incident management software!