Equipment Management Software

Equipment Management Software

Equipment Management Software

Equipment Maintenance Safety Forms

Centralizing your equipment information

Whether you are managing a shop full of welding equipment or an entire fleet of vehicles, it can be a challenge to keep all of your equipment information, maintenance schedules, and documents organized. Some companies try to manually manage their equipment, implementing paper-based systems with huge administrative costs and the risk of documents being destroyed, lost, or simply misplaced. With the right equipment management software, the challenges of manually tracking essential equipment documents and records can be overcome.

The BIS online equipment management feature simplifies the management process by centralizing all current and historical data into one easy-to-access location for management and operators alike with minimal setup.

Integrated QR Codes

Access Equipment/Asset Information with Your Phone

With the integrated QR code functionality, you can add a QR code to any piece of equipment or company asset and access all of its pertenant information, manuals, forms, inspections, and so much more, right from your phone or tablet!

Link Company Assets

Streamline your asset management process

The asset linking feature lets you see who signed out assets, where they’re being used, and if they’re attached to another asset. For example, you can have a fire extinguisher, GPS device, toolbox, and an AED assigned to a company truck. You can then assign that truck to a company supervisor who is responsible for it all.


With equipment management software you can create a profile for each piece of equipment or machinery, including information such as serial numbers, manufacturers, models, and mileage.

equipment management software


Set up your equipment types and statuses, then categorize your equipment for easy organization. Need to see which cranes are operational? Select the type and the status and the results will filter accordingly.

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equipment management software hierarchy


Store and view manuals, daily logs, parts lists, insurance documentation, lockout/tagout procedures, and other documents pertaining to each piece of equipment or machinery.

equipment management software folder storage


Create customized status filters that can be used to identify the current status of each piece of equipment, allowing you to filter the equipment list for your entire company. See in a glance all equipment that is locked out or in for service.

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equipment maintenance safety forms

Tracking Made Easy

Keeping track of equipment can be difficult. Common questions like, “What condition is it in?” or “What was the outcome of the last inspection” can take hours to answer. But what if these answers were available anytime, anywhere, on demand with any connected mobile device?

With our innovative equipment management software, location and status are just the beginning of what you can track:

Equipment Management Software | Asset Maintenance Safety Forms
Equipment Management Software | Asset Maintenance Safety Forms
Qualified Personnel Tracking

Designate qualified personnel for each piece of equipment. Assign all or select qualified personnel to complete required forms for their assigned equipment. Automate the system to notify personnel at set times and frequencies to complete their pre-shift inspection forms and other daily or weekly required forms.

equipment management software in action forms
equipment management software in action forms
Mileage Tracking

Track how far each piece of equipment has travelled by entering and viewing the equipment’s mileage in either miles or kilometres. Set completion schedules for inspection and equipment maintenance safety forms so that qualified personnel are notified to complete required forms when mileage milestones are reached.

equipment management software being used in oil field
equipment management software being used in oil field
Hours of Operation Tracking

Enter and track the number of hours that each piece of equipment has been in operation. Then set completion requirements for relevant inspection and maintenance safety forms based on preset hour-of-operation milestones to ensure machinery is meeting manufacturer inspection and maintenance requirements.

equipment management software reporting dashboard
equipment management software reporting dashboard
Advanced Analytics

Make job planning easy using your tracked information to harness data that shows what equipment is causing problems, what machinery is most frequently used, and where specific pieces of equipment are frequently requested. Track the progress of any identified aesthetic, mechanical, or safety issues from one shared document.

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Form Integration

This equipment management feature is fully integrated with an online form builder. Create digital equipment maintenance safety forms, assign them directly to specific pieces of equipment, and set whether these forms need to be completed daily, weekly, or monthly. Assigned personnel can then complete the required forms on demand in the field, instantly uploading the new records without the potential for papers getting lost in the filing process.

Form Management

Create unlimited pre-shift inspection forms, audits, hours of service logs, maintenance reports, and repair forms for personnel to complete in the field using smartphone or tablet technology.

Multimedia Input

Allow personnel to import videos and images into submitted forms, and communicate form completion expectations and requirements to your personnel via video.

Automatic Notifications

Set automated notifications to trigger when personnel identify defects, maintenance concerns, or potential safety issues. Additionally, created automated alerts that will notify management if notifications go unaddressed for a specified time period.

Frequency Settings

Customize when and how often forms assigned to each piece of equipment must be completed, and automatically email reminders to specified personnel to ensure procedures are followed and inspections aren’t forgotten.

Maintenance Tickets

Specify fields in your equipment’s assigned forms to trigger maintenance tickets, then have qualified personnel track and manage the maintenance status in real time.

Form Reporting

Have on-demand access to reporting for completed forms as well as access to all outstanding forms to help make monitoring and managing equipment easy.

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