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Paperless Site Inspections

Sometimes, the deadliest hazards are those you don’t notice. That’s where site inspections come in. By critically examining the workplace, you can identify and eliminate hazards before they become an incident.

But in order for any inspection to be effective, it must be properly planned. Workers need to know where to examine, what hazards to look for, how frequently inspections should be done, what to put in the inspection report, who the report must go to, etc. All of that planning requires policies, documentation, and reporting, most of which is still being managed by a manual, paper-based process.

But what happens when checklists get lost, reports are misfiled, or administrative costs get too high?

Site inspection software can help turn the piles of paperwork into an efficient and cost-effective system. Increase the quality of your inspections and save money with these easy steps:

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