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Learning Management for Safety

As part of BIStrainer’s comprehensive suite of EHS software, you have access to an enterprise-level learning management system (LMS) that includes a robust exam engine, SCORM 1.2 and 2004 compatibility, an integrated eCommerce store, and a course permission management system. But what really sets BIStrainer apart from traditional learning management systems is that BIStrainer is designed for companies with strong safety training needs. Therefore, many of its supporting features strongly align with safety, making BIStrainer a perfect fit for any company’s safety requirements.


BIStrainer not only supports SCORM 1.2 and 2004, but also offers a course creation tool that directly uploads mainstream media formats like MP4, HTML5, JPEG, PNG, PDF, and much more. Load PowerPoints directly into the system in just a few simple steps, then program randomized multiple choice questions between desired slides. Load how-to videos taken with your smartphone, add questions, then assign the course to thousands of people in minutes. The flexibility of mainstream media puts your courses over and above SCORM and AICC standards, giving you the advantage of getting your training out faster, more efficiently, and more effectively.


Get the data you need where and when you need it with full Application Programming Interface (API) and Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities. BIStrainer can connect to your HR management system and other database applications to ensure all of your data is instantly available. The system can even directly sync with your payroll software so that users can be added weekly, daily, or in real time. This means that, when a new team member is added to payroll, he/she is instantly added to your LMS. If someone leaves your organization, the system will automatically remove him/her. You can even transfer all course completion data, including digital certificates, to another database.

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Content Management

Create and upload your own online courses and orientations with the user-friendly content management system, or have our professional development team do it for you!

Form Integration

Add digital forms directly to your course, whether for practical inspection checklist training or to collect survey feedback.

Participation Verification

Ensure employees are paying attention to courses and completing them with integrity; all it takes is a webcam and virtual proctoring takes care of the rest.

Coaching and Mentoring

Supporting your firms safety coaching and mentoring processes with BISTrainer has never been easier. Manage a larger spectrum of training that includes online programs, classroom programs, coaching/mentoring, and competency validation, as well as tracking hours of experience.

Blended Learning

Let learners complete theory training online on their own time, then link this training to practical training components through our classroom calendar software.

Course Catalogue

Gain access to over 500 top-of-the-line online courses from a variety of esteemed safety training providers.

Multi-lingual Capabilities

Make your LMS available in a number of languages including French, English, Spanish, and German. Online courses can also be made available in multiple languages using special course language linking technology that allows you to assign a course in English to multiple users, but let them access it in their own language based on their customized language preferences.

SCORM Compatibility

Design and upload courses created in leading eLearning development tools, including Adobe Captive, Articulate Storyline, and Lectora.

Secure Exam Engine

Lock down your exam with our exam engine’s built-in security features, and customize your security options with shuffled answers, randomized question pools, and more.


Build dynamic courses that adapt to learners’ needs as they go, tailoring content and questions to the learner’s knowledge level.

Document Uploader

Make onboarding easy by having employees upload documentation like new hire forms and driver’s licences directly into the course.


Keep users and admin up to date with automated email or SMS notifications that let them know when courses are available for them to complete, when courses are expiring, and when training has been completed.

Mobile Compatible

Manage training on the go with responsive technology that can adapt to any smartphone, tablet, or monitor size.


Engage learners by bringing your content to life with interactive activities that not only catch attention, but also improve information retention.

Digital Certificates

Go paperless with digital wallet and wall certificates instantly available upon successful completion of any online course.

Reporting and Tracking

Run reports for course completions, course statuses, expired courses, and training records all within easily understood Excel/CSV templates, then track trending data.

Coaching, Mentoring and Competency

Support your firms coaching, mentoring & competency initiatives with BIStrainer. When BIStrainer was originally created, our vision was to create a software application that allows companies to manage a larger spectrum of training that includes online programs, classroom programs, coaching/mentoring, and competency validation, as well as tracking hours of experience.

One of the first programs we developed for this type of training was for the Sideboom, which included an online training, plus classroom training, plus supervised operation experience as well as coaching/mentoring.

Drag-and-Drop Technology

With drag-and-drop file management, it has never been easier for your staff to store and manage employee information. This feature allows you to automatically assign documents to individual users, select multiple files for transfer, and even upload thousands of files at a time. No advanced coding or computer training is required. The interface is straightforward and designed to save you time.

Whether uploading compliance documents, creating training sessions, enrolling employees in training, or managing existing files, drag-and-drop functionality works smoothly throughout the entire system; just drag the file you want to its desired destination, drop it in the folder, and watch your work complete itself.
Drag-and-drop file management allows you to:

  • Reduce administrative time
  • Lower the cost of paper
  • Centralize documents

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