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Learning Management for Safety

As part of BIStrainer’s comprehensive suite of Learning & Compliance software, you have access to an enterprise-level learning management system (LMS) that includes a robust exam engine, full SCORM compatibility, an integrated eCommerce store, and a course permission management system.

What truly sets BIStrainer apart from traditional learning management systems is that the built in course player is designed to do more than just play back a course. The system can ask for the student to upload historical training records right inside the course. It can also ask the student to fill out forms, upload paperwork, enter information that is passed to the right parts of the system, like ‘Emergency Contact’ information or ‘Driver’s documents’.

BIStrainer is designed for companies with strong safety training needs. Therefore, many of its supporting features strongly align with safety, making BIStrainer a perfect fit for any company’s safety program.

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Training Matrix

best online training management software

Training Matrix – Automatically Assign Safety Training

The Training Matrix integrated into the BIStrainer Learning Management Software allows you to setup all the roles, training topics, training requirements, and certification programs and can then automatically assign all required and optional training courses to your employees based on their role, location, expiration, division and more. It can also provide gap reporting, compliance tracking and certification progress.

Assign new and current employees all the online and classroom based training they need without the headache of manual spreadsheets.

Onboarding Orientations

online training management system

Easily Create Online Onboarding Orientations

The BIStrainer software allows you to create comprehensive online onboarding orientations for all of your employees and site visitors in a matter of minutes.

  • Use a Phone or Tablet to create your online orientations in minutes
  • Add photos and videos straight from your mobile device
  • Upload existing slideshow presentations
  • Add engaging voice over
  • Insert questions and activities
  • Capture historical training records in the orientation
  • Upload company paperwork to be completed online
  • Include access to the latest company policies and procedures
  • Quickly update messaging, alerts, and new information

Dynamic Course Content

Location specific elements

Using the integrated course builder, you can add location specific elements to online courses that ONLY display based on the student’s location. Courses can have country, province, or city specific videos and information that only appears to people taking the course from that area.

Imagine adding slides, videos, images, documents, or more with a focus on Ontario, and it only shows for workers in Ontario. You can add separate slides, in the same course, that only display for users in another province, like Alberta.

You could create a single fall protection course dynamically designed with different slides, videos, and questions for users in each province. The potential is amazing, and the possibilities are endless!


Online Testing

Create and Facilitate Multiple Choice and Long Answer Assessments with the BIStrainer Exam Engine

The exam engine built into BIStrainer allows you to assess your team to ensure their training is being retained. This secure and easy to use tool is the perfect way to facilitate online pre or post training exams and quizzes.

You can create pools of questions, randomize the question and answer order, and create custom long answer questions that can be automatically sent to a qualified individual for marking. The versatility of the exam engine allows for fully customized assessments.

Best Online Training Management Software

Over 1,000 Training Courses Available

We have partnered with industry leading course owners to bring you an online store that gives you access to over a thousand of the top training courses from industry experts and training providers.

The learning management system provides the ability to easily purchase a course for yourself or any number of employees. It also gives you the ability to assign courses to your team based on their role at the company or the specific location they work at.

These are just a few of the great safety training courses available through the BIStrainer store:

  • Ground Disturbance
  • WHMIS 2015
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods
  • Chainsaw Safety
  • Gas Detection
  • and over 1,000 more high quality training courses
Online Training Management System
Online Learning Management System


BIStrainer not only supports SCORM 1.2 and 2004, but also offers a course creation tool that directly uploads multi media formats like MP4, HTML5, JPEG, PNG, PDF, and much more. Load PowerPoints directly into the system in just a few simple steps, then program randomized multiple choice questions between desired slides. Load how-to videos taken with your smartphone, add questions, then assign the course to thousands of people in minutes. The flexibility of multi media puts your courses over and above SCORM standards, giving you the advantage of getting your training out faster and more effectively.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Get the data you need where and when you need it with Application Programming Interface (API) and Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities. BIStrainer can connect to your HR management system and other database applications to ensure all of your data is instantly available. The system can directly sync with your payroll software so that users can be added weekly, daily, or in real time. This means that, when a new team member is added to payroll, or when someone leaves, he/she is instantly added or removed from your LMS. You can even transfer all course completion data, including digital certificates, to another database.

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