Safety Management System

Manage your entire health & safety program from one secure application!

Safety Management System

Manage your entire health & safety program from one secure application!

Manage Safey & Training Compliance

In one easy to use system!

The BIStrainer system provides a full suite of options to manage your safety, training, and compliance programs. Whether you’re a safety manager, training leader, human resources, frontline leader, employee, or contingent workforce… you want to use a system that can provide you the confidence in managing your safety and compliance needs.

Manage Your Safety Program

    Create and manage Hazard documents more efficiently
    Create, track and report on Incidents, Incident reviews and lessons learned
    Build Incident Action plans
    Track and report Audit preparation, reviews and report submissions
    Create inspection forms, track and report on compliance
    Store, track, and report assets for different categories including safety assets, equipment, and IT assets

Manage Employee Training

    Manage and report on training compliance
    Access to over 1700 courses for a wide range of topics
    Access over 10 course subscriptions packages
    Create and upload your own customized training
    Instantly upload all historical and currenttraining records
    Manage instructor led training more effectively
    Develop, assign, and track on the job evaluation documents
    Develop and deploy toolbox talks for your teams access
    Complete training and digital forms on the mobile app

Safety Management System – Features and Benefits


The BIStrainer safety management system is simple to use and allows you to utilize digital risk assessments, site inspection forms, field level hazard assessments, incident management, online storage of all safety documents and files, equipment and asset management, preventative maintenance reports, manage employee training program and more. Managing your safety program should be this simple!


Hazard Asessments


  • Customizable templates with a variety of features including risk analysis, ranking, control measures, types of hazards, legislation, training required
  • Automatic reviews and re-assessments
  • Capture additional information by employees for ongoing changes
  • Easy modification to existing form with history tracking to identify who and when changes were made
  • Leverage filtering to separate the different types of hazard forms


  • Demonstrate that hazard assessments exist, are being reviewed and monitored
  • Implemented control measures suitable for the risk.
  • Identify risks and gaps across organization
  • Capture reviews quickly including digital signatures
  • Update and manage hazards quickly and easily
  • Quickly deploy updates and adjustments
  • History tracking for audit reviews

Hazard and risk controls are a key element to a successful health and safety program, and companies are changing the way they manage these critical documents. There are many different terms for hazards; Field Level Hazard Assessments (FLHAs), Field Level Risk Assessments (FLRAs), Site Hazard Assessments (SHA’s), Job Hazard Assessments (JHA’s), JSA (Job Safety Assessments), regardless of which term your company uses our customization within the system allows the flexibility to manage all types. Our forms and systems are a great way to modernize the way you create, track, document, and report on hazards. Using our system and tools will provide the confidence in how quickly employees identify and assess proper hazard controls to reduce or eliminate potential hazards to keep your workplace healthy and safe. Catch hazards before they become incidents! There are many features and benefits, listed below are a few:


There are many different types of workplace inspections: equipment, site, tasks, of which can be both internal and external inspections. With so many varying types its important to have a tool and system that is flexible enough to create unique forms for all types, with customizable fields that make it quick and easy to manage.


  • Create, design, and deploy different types of inspections
  • Automatic assignment with flexibility to assign by role, equipment, location, and asset grouping
  • Customized workflows for task assignment, approvals, and form modifications with different frequencies
  • Capture different elements of the inspection such as workplace hazards, biological, chemical, physical, Ergonomic, and psychosocial
  • Collect different information such as site maps, inventory, supporting documents, other checklists, frequency, equipment details
  • Capture details on the specifics of the inspection such as who completed and when, corrective actions, the risk classifications, any follow-ups, alerts, and notifications, how the inspection was completed


  • Rollup reporting that is at-a-glance to track your compliance and the overall health of your inspection program
  • Advanced reporting with the ability to filter and drill down into the information details
  • On demand access to form details
  • Modernized digital Inspections
  • Realtime insights of the progress and gaps
  • Quickly create and design inspection forms based on your needs
  • Automatic and Flexible task assignments
  • Simple to use tool and consistency across your other programs
Incident Management

The BIS Incident Management Software is a powerful tool that lets organizations collect comprehensive incident data, create an accurate picture of the event, identify root causes and learning points, implement corrective actions, and ensure proper incident notification up the chain of command. It was developed and enhanced by safety professionals, for safety professionals, and provides a complete EHS incident management software solution. Listed below are a couple features and benefits that identify why you will need this powerful tool:


  • Quickly collect incident data such as photos of the scene, witness statements, location, other regulation data such as environment, wildlife information.
  • Setup different level of permissions and different levels of access to maintain confidentiality for recording, tracking, and reporting
  • Customize data fields that can be included in customized reports
  • leverage custom categories and fields to assist in identifying root cause analysis
  • Automation workflow throughout the incident management lifecycle, such as notifications of assignments, reminders, and escalation of expiring tasks
  • Manage correction actions and lessons learned summaries through task assignment, and monitor tracking of progress
  • Configure different levels of notifications targeted by audience
  • Reporting and analytics can use prebuilt or customize reports for different audiences, include audits trails,
  • User friendly site tool with mobile compatibility to quickly collect and capture details


  • Track all types of incidents and identify trends
  • Quick access to incident details on demand
  • Provide updates to senior management throughout the incident workflow process
  • Data secured and centralized for added security
  • Robust reporting and analytics to be able to identify trends for quicker root cause analysis to understand why, when and where incidents occur
  • Provide a consistent process and standardize way of managing incidents
  • Enhance your overall safety culture by investing in a program that protects your people, assets, environment, and workplace Eliminate paper and tedious manual processes, prevent data loss
  • Audit trails and History tracking on workflow for each incident investigation
Employee Qualifications & Competencies

In high-risk environments, it is critical to manage employee qualifications to ensure that employees are competent to mitigate any risks. Having all in one system makes it easier for the employee, employer, and auditing organizations to have quick access to the information. Having consistent, updated, and reliable information builds trust in the data and systems that manage it.


  • Create, deploy, and track employee evaluations and competency assessments
  • Ad-hoc and on demand reporting to identify employees who are both qualified and not yet qualified
  • Onboarding orientation program to manage content including policies and forms
  • Quickly load records in many different formats and attach approval workflows
  • Manage training content, courses, exams in one place
  • Automatic workflows for expiry notifications, approval of records and assigned training, and scheduled reports
  • Prebuilt and templates for performance assessments, educational Toolbox/Safety talks, and other supplementary information.
  • Access to 1700+ courses to quickly address gaps
  • Load and manage your own company training and content


  • Reduce risks and increase your company’s overall performance
  • Enhanced reporting with visibility into your organizational training goals and identify any risks or gaps
  • Flexible training assignments to manage the training load on an employee, department, and organization
  • On demand access and user-friendly tools to access employee records, upload records and complete training
  • Quickly create and deploy training
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Access to a comprehensive training program and tools
  • Manage all types of training content and records in one system
Asset Management

There are many different types of asset tracking: vehicle/mobile assets such as fleet vehicles, forklifts, lifts, safety items such as fire extinguishers, AED, gas monitors, equipment such as specialized tools and non-mobile assets, technology such as phones, laptops, monitors. The system is flexible to manage all types of assets. Having this type of flexibility makes it quick and easy to manage for both small and large complex organizations.


  • Create track and manage different assets such as technology, safety, mobile/vehicle, specialized equipment
  • Integrate QR codes to locate equipment, inspections, maintenance, and other asset details
  • Collect additional asset information such as truck, trailer, odometer/mileage reading
  • Leverage prebuilt templates or customize the form design with different elements (likert scales, picture/video fields, electronic signatures, comment fields, date/time fields)
  • Link in maintenance tasks, completions, and asset location
  • Automatic notifications can be setup for completions, expiries, and maintenance
  • Customized progress reports, task assignments including customized filtering


  • Track and manage different assets in one system
  • Link all assets, inspections, and maintenance together
  • Quickly locate and track equipment
  • Utilize the same tool for all components of asset tracking and maintenance
  • Monitor assets, manage inventory and track locations of equipment
Reporting & Analytics

Robust reporting and data analytics is an element that provides greater clarity and understanding of this critical data. BIS has a comprehensive tool to provide greater insights of what is being captured, how you can leverage the information to provide better decision making.


  • Prebuilt reports that can be customized and adding fields to capture additional data
  • Reports on tracking progress of task completions, can be filtered by type, role, locations, grouping.
  • Training reports on hours, gaps, completions, exams, and certificates, record uploads, instructors, scheduling,
  • Form reports on monitoring tasks, escalations, assignments,
  • Equipment reports on inventory, inspections, maintenance, incidents
  • Color coded legends to visually identify critical elements
  • Download data for external portability


  • Advanced reporting and dashboard designs
  • Flexible access levels to customize reports for different audiences
  • Automatic workflows for scheduled reporting
  • Save time with prebuilt reporting for each module that is integrated
  • Reports provide data for quick analysis and decision making
  • Portability of data
  • Pre-built reports to manage your safety and training compliance such as
    • Incidents reported and action item status
    • Hazard reviews and monitoring
    • Inspections completed and action item status
    • Training Completions
    • Audit trails and history
    • …and many more!

Ensuring successful audits has never been easier. BIStrainer’s digital audit tool gives you everything you need to complete your audits can be efficient and effective. The inspection tool puts the ability to digitize and streamline your audit processes in your hands.


  • Identify and create forms for audit requirements
  • Pre-built and Customize forms to define your criteria
  • Assign tasks for the audit to designated employees
  • Customize reports to track completion and gaps
  • Quick access to your safety program documents
  • Designate reminders and notifications
  • Digital signatures for compliance management


  • Complete audit process in the same system you manage your safety program
  • Pre-identify gaps before an audit takes place
  • Simple to use system will save time as employees will not have to learn a new system
  • Track your audit progress and automate reports to leadership
  • Quick and easy reporting

Safety Management Tools

What safety management tools do I need to manage my safety program?

Safety software add-ons at your fingertips! We designed the BIStrainer system to be flexible with an ‘a la carte’ style , so that you can select and choose the tools you need to manage your safety program as well as modify as your program evolves and grows.

For example, if you need to upload/manage your training records but you don’t host instructor led training courses you can opt-out of the classroom management add-on. If your needs change you can always opt-in or out at any time!

What clients are saying about the BIStrainer system?

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Safety Management System

Safety and training shouldn’t slow down your company; they should speed it up. By reducing the number of lost hours of productivity due to injuries and incident investigations you can speed up your business. Streamline your safety process today.