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Getting the best from the employees you hire starts with the new hire orientation. When done effectively, worksite onboarding and orientations can provide new hires with insight into the existing company culture, information on specific company policies and procedures, as well as a better understanding of what is expected from them.

Companies need to implement adaptive learning that can provide experienced workers with high-level updates, key information, and brand new knowledge while providing new workers all the in-depth information, background knowledge, and learning needed to get up to speed. Many companies are finding the solution in switching to online orientation software, which is not only adaptive but also accessible on mobile devices and computers. This approach is more engaging than one might think and is creating a phenomenal difference in the effectiveness of employee onboarding orientations.

Move your Orientation Online in Minutes

Online Employee Orientation

Easily Build Your Own Online Orientation

Using the BIStrainer online safety orientation software and course building engine you can create a playlist of:

  • Images
  • Video
  • Slideshows
  • HTML5 Activities
  • and more

You can even use a mobile device to take photos and video on your work sites and upload everything into your orientations.

Advantages of Online Orientations

Cost Effective

Few can argue the necessity of company orientations, but the loss of productive time can sometimes be staggering. Then add the costs of instructors, classroom bookings, travel time, printed materials, and exam grading, and the worth in orientations can become harder and harder to see.

Moving your orientation online not only eliminates those costs, but also increases productive time for employees by allowing them to complete the majority of their training off site. All of this can result in an impressive ROI.


You want your employees to have the confidence it takes to be successful. This confidence can come from the sense of preparedness employees receive from completing an online orientation before arriving on site. Knowing the job essentials and being introduced to the company culture before arrival can make the first day of work more comfortable for employees, creating the confidence needed to better do their work. Additionally, employees will feel supported which means you are more likely to retain and reduce training costs.


Behind the closed doors of a classroom, it can be difficult to know for certain that every employee is getting the same information each time the company orientation is taught. Instructors may gloss over topics or spend too much time on others. With online content, information remains consistent. You can rest assured that every new employee is arriving on site with the same training experience.


With electronic onboarding, employees can complete their new hire onboarding anywhere they want or you need. Orientations can be done on or off site, at home or on the go. They can even be used in combination with in-class or in-field training for a blended training model. Online training eliminates the limitations of classroom sizes and time slots, meaning employees can learn at their own pace on their own time.

How We Can Help

Content Review

Quality content is what separates the good courses from the bad. Our experienced editors will help improve your script by defining clear learning objectives, organizing the content for optimal learner retention, and clarifying the information to increase learner comprehension.

Professional Voice-Over

With the right tone, pace, inflection, and emphasis, learning becomes more enjoyable and memorable. Our talent pool of voice actors will give you the professional quality your course deserves at a price you can afford.

Graphic Design

We want your course to be visually stunning. Our graphic designers can create a look and feel for your course that’s clean, strong, visually pleasing, and customized to your company branding to improve the learner experience.

Motion Graphics

Don’t let your orientation fall flat. Our graphic designers and developers can help put life back into your course using motion graphics to better illustrate your subject matter.

Onsite Filming

By taking advantage of our onsite video services, you can give your new employees a literal view of your company before they arrive on site. Our crew will help you show them the face of your company and make them feel at home.

Interactive Activities

Retaining learner attention is the key to a successful online course. Let our editors and developers help you create interactive activities that engage your employees with the course material and your company culture.

Exam Development

Questions and testing are essential to ensuring new employees understand your company’s requirements for safety and ethics. Our team can help you create questions that will test employee knowledge and understanding of the material.

Supplemental Material Creation

Your orientation has its own unique needs. Whether you require digital onboarding forms or simply a means for employees to take notes, we can help put your supplemental materials together and customize them to match your course’s unique design.

System Capabilities

Digital Customizable Onboarding Forms

The Digital Forms feature allows you to integrate your onboarding form package directly into your online orientation. The form builder gives you all the tools you need to digitally recreate, organize, and customize your existing paper-based onboarding forms into easy to follow electronic forms that can be filled out with a smart phone, tablet, or computer. Each section of the form can be programmed to customize in real-time depending on the options users select. Once the form is complete, all information collected is automatically sent in PDF format to the right department, so no paperwork is lost in the shuffle. All of this functionality is available to add right at the end of your orientation. A free onboarding template is available for all companies in the Digital Forms section courtesy of Morgan Construction, so most of the heavy lifting is already done. All that’s left is for you to customize it to your company’s needs.

Driver Information Uploader

Thanks to ENTREC Corporation, driver management is integrated into every user account across our system. And with the Driver Information Uploader, your drivers can upload any required information and documents directly into the Driver Management System as they’re completing online training courses. Users can upload driver abstracts, driver’s licenses, vehicle use agreements, applications and resumes, collision information documents, assessments, traffic violations, medical reports, and release forms, and the Driver Management System automatically adds them to the correct driver requirement, ensuring you are prepared for any driver compliance audit. As requirements are fulfilled, your compliance bar goes up, giving you a visual clue of your company’s rate of compliance. Once updated, you can manage alerts, reports, and notifications throughout the system for expiring information that relates to driver requirements.

Training Ticket Upload

Using our existing training record management system, companies can enable users to upload their training tickets into any online course or orientation. Users enter the name of the training provider, the course and completion date, and add an image of the training ticket with their mobile device or drag and drop a scanned image onto the page. Once submitted, the information is instantly added to that user’s account and seamlessly integrated with BIStrainer’s training matrix to map out additional training requirements based on their role or location. Uploaded records are also emailed to managers or administrators to verify with a click of a button in the email to approve or deny the training record. Training records are also monitored for expirations, so your employees and managers receive automatic notifications via email when it comes time for them to update their training. Special thanks to our partners at PCL for their help designing this amazing feature.

Interactive Scenario-Based Activities

Interactive activities that focus on realistic workplace scenarios give your orientation the opportunity to reinforce your employees’ decision-making skills. In these video or image-based scenarios, your employees are presented with a situation in which they must choose the best course of action. In true choose-your-own-adventure style, each option results in a different outcome and is then accompanied by a quick debrief depending on the result. If the user didn’t select the best answer, he/she is rerouted to try again. This repetition creates a set of memories that trigger “involuntary memory” when faced with a similar situation in real life. Involuntary memory brings back the various scenario outcomes, including the best one, in the blink of an eye.

Sample Onboarding Orientation

We are proud to work with industry leaders in creating and administering their orientations.

Additional Tools

Document Management Integration

With new hires comes paperwork, and with paperwork come administrative costs. With our Document Uploader feature, all of that is taken care of for you. The integrated document management technology makes it possible for new hires to upload all of their required documentation directly into the course as they complete their orientation. Using simple drag-and-drop technology, employees can upload new hire forms, safety policy sign-offs, and any other required paperwork directly into their profile. After upload, their completed and signed documentation is moved directly into their secure profile for their supervisors or managers to access upon completion of the orientation.

This simple feature not only saves a huge amount of administrative time, but it also streamlines the onboarding process, reduces paper waste and paperwork, as well as saves valuable time and money for your company.

online employee orientation

Virtual Proctoring

To ensure that the orientation and testing are completed by the right person, our system offers virtual proctoring services. Virtual proctoring utilizes the capability of webcams to have employees provide identification. As the course plays, the software ensures the employee is the one who completes the course from beginning to end. Virtual proctoring also ensures no unethical attempts to cheat the system are committed, helping you weed out the unethical workers before they cause problems on site. In addition, you can use this technology to ensure employees are paying attention to the content being delivered.

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Drone (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Footage

Want to take your orientation to the next level? Using local licensed drone (UAV) operators, we can help you create a visually stunning orientation that gives a full view of your company. UAV can capture mobile equipment in action, provide an aerial view of your shop and yard, and take employees on a virtual tour through your facilities from a first-person perspective. With drone footage, you can put your employees on the ground before they even arrive on site.

Top Tips for Successful Online Employee Orientation Training Development

1. Introduction

It’s indubitable that a well-planned and intensive orientation program has eminent importance to the employees and organization at large. Investing well in the new employees earns big dividends concerning delivery, retention, and engagement. However, the question that arises is whether your training program comprehensively covers essential aspects that make the joining team feel informed, prepared, supported and accommodated in your institution. The new employee orientation program authority should hold new hire orientation workshops to make sure that organizational onboarding has taken place in the right manner to benefit the entire staff irrespective of the job position or function. This workshop will enable new employees to integrate effectively and with ease regarding organizational policies, culture, values, and objectives. Also, the new starters will get informed on the duties, terms, and guidelines of the new job environment.

The following tips will create a stellar online orientation program for employees so that you can build a strong foundation for successful and long-term stable working relationships for both your company and the newly hired employees.

2. Set the Targets of Online Orientation Programs for Employees Beforehand

Having set goals mark the determinant of success for your online training program as this will help you to know how the learning goals will be achieved easily. Avoid the vague e-learning goals, instead focus on action for example, what outcome do you expect to get from the new team after new hire orientation? Emphasize on what is expected from them as per the organization policies and on their primary duties and direct them on the resources they will require to satisfactory partake their roles. Connect them to their supervisors and make them feel at home.

3. Let Employees have Direct Access to Online Resources

It is not wise to expect the newly hired staff to look for references and resources on the web, instead, make sure you include all essential links in the new employee orientation program. This will enable the starters to access information relevant to the organization’s processes and practice whenever they need it directly with even their mobile phones.

4. Never Overwhelm your New Employees with Data

Always be brief, clear and straightforward to help the new staff understand the orientation successfully on each pertinent information. This is because the newly hired staff quickly gets overwhelmed with lots of data. Besides, incorporate interactive aspects into your new employee orientation program to enable them to be more engaged and attentive.

In summary, new hire orientation is an inevitable exercise for every organization as it will build an attitude for the new starters that will determine their performance in the long term. Orient them well and the result will show itself!

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