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Online Course and Software Reseller Program

Want to sell courses directly from your website?

It can be a huge undertaking and expense to develop online courses, purchase or build an LMS to deliver them, and integrate and maintain an e-commerce system to manage all online transactions. Skip the hassle, headache, and expense by letting us take care of it all.

The opportunity to become a reseller for BIStrainer courses and software is only open to companies operating out of the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia.

Shared Client Program

Simply introduce a potential client to the BIS team and you could earn ongoing commission!

    Step 1: Introduce a potential software client to the BIS team.
    Step 2: When the client signs on, you will receive ongoing commission based on their fees.
    Step 3: Repeat and gain consistent revenue through your network.

Benefits of Becoming a Course Reseller

Our Course Reseller program provides many benefits:

  • Commissions earned on every course sale

  • No ongoing monthly or annual fees

  • Access to a growing library of online courses
  • Ability to reach customers anywhere in the world

  • Promotion of your company on our network partners page

  • Inclusion in a fast-growing network of training providers

3 Easy Steps

In three easy steps, we can provide your company with a fully-managed, turnkey solution for offering hundreds of premium online safety training courses directly from your website. We take care of the portal setup, technical support, and system administration so you can focus on letting your customers know about this great new service that you offer.

Step 1:

Choose the courses from our online safety training course library that you want to offer from your website.

Step 2:

Provide us with a company logo and a list of web page links that your customers will use to navigate back to your website.

Step 3:

Review the custom-branded online portal that we create for you. Once approved, we turn it live so that your customers can start making purchases!

A Turnkey Solution

Custom-Branded Online Portal

We provide you with a custom-branded online portal that you can use to manage your customers, and your customers can use to complete and manage their internal training; store and access training records; purchase SafetyNET courses and products; and much more. To help build loyalty and brand recognition, your customers will see your corporate branding including your company’s colours, logo, and custom-branded portal throughout their entire online experience.

eCommerce Store

Our turnkey solution includes a custom-branded online store that your customers can use to browse and purchase SafetyNET courses and products directly from your website. We integrate the store with your website and customize the look to make the purchase process as seamless as possible for your customers. To ensure secure credit card verification and processing, we use one of North America’s largest processors of credit card payments, Moneris, a joint investment between RBC Financial Group and BMO Financial Group. Your customers can purchase courses and products with peace of mind using Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit cards.

Marketing Support

We provide reseller partners with:

  • unbranded marketing resources including
    • system feature sheets,
    • software comparison charts,
    • brochures,
    • PowerPoint presentations
  • information on improving your store’s search engine ranking
  • and more

You can add your own branding to any of the material we provide or we can custom brand anything you need for far less than it would cost to have custom material made from scratch.

Automated Reporting

For each course purchased through your website, you will receive an automated email notification. Additionally, to reconcile the individual transactions, you will receive detailed monthly reports containing the following information:

  • Course title
  • User’s name
  • User’s contact information
  • Course completion date
  • Course score
Transactional Pricing

For some Resellers and Network Partners, the traditional pricing model of paying one low monthly fee per user does not make financial sense because they are constantly adding new users to their system portal each and every month, or they have vast fluctuations in their user count. For these Resellers and Network Partners, we created the transactional pricing model where you only pay for the services your system users actually use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does the online portal work?

Your portal is custom-branded to look like your website. It contains links like ‘Contact Us’ that allow your customers to navigate back to your website. Included in your portal is an online store filled with courses and products that your customers can browse through and add to their shopping cart. When they are ready to complete their purchase, they can enter their credit card information. Upon payment, they receive an email receipt from our system which contains codes for each course purchased. These codes, which are accessible at anytime through their online account, can be used personally or given out to others.

Who has access to customer contact information?

We take the protection of personal information seriously. As the course seller, you receive the full name and contact information of the person who has taken the course. For auditing purposes and tracking of certificates issued, the Course Owner receives the user’s name, course completion date, and score — they do not receive any information that can be used to contact your customer. As the technical support providers for the system, we have access to the user’s information but only use it for providing assistance. Your customers remain your customers.

How many sales can I expect from my online store?

This really depends on you. Some resellers do very little and some do a lot. It depends on the amount of website traffic that you have as well as your ranking on Google for phrases that are important for sales, such as “Online WHMIS” or “Online First Aid”. It also depends on how you set up your website to market the courses, how much you promote the online courses to your customers, and what business you are in. If people already visit your website to find safety training, the probability of good results increases dramatically.

Who provides certification for the training?

The company that owns the course provides the certification. For example, if your customer purchases the Hydraulic Safety Maintenance Level course, they receive their certification from the Hydraulic Safety Authority of Canada. If they complete the Safe Rigging and Slinging course, they are certified by Crane Safety. The wallet card or certificate of completion will be branded with the Course Owner’s logo as they are the ones who are the recognized training provider. Your company’s name is added to the certificate or wall card as an authorized provider.

Are there any countries that I cannot resell from?

The opportunity to become a reseller for BIStrainer courses and software is only open to companies operating out of the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia.

If you are a company based outside of these four nations, you are unfortunately not eligible to become a reseller.

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