Federal Hours of Service Course – Canadian Regulations

Explore Canadian Hours of Service regulations in-depth. Topics include duty statuses, shifts, cycles, exemptions, and electronic logging devices.

Federal Hours of Service Course

Canadian Regulations

Federal Hours of Service Course

Canadian Regulations Online Safety Training Course

What Are the Canadian Regulations for Federal Hours of Service?

Welcome to our Canadian Hours of Service course, providing a thorough exploration of regulations vital for commercial drivers. These regulations aim to combat fatigue, ensuring safety for both drivers and the public. This section sets the stage for understanding the importance of compliance in commercial transportation.

Throughout the program, participants will delve into Day and Shift Limits, exemptions, documentation requirements, and driver responsibilities. The course not only imparts knowledge about governing rules but also emphasizes practical applications. By the course’s conclusion, participants will possess the insights needed to navigate the complexities of hours of service regulations, promoting a safer and compliant approach to commercial driving in Canada. Join us on this educational journey to enhance your understanding and adherence to critical regulations in the transportation industry.

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Course Preview

Explore the rationale behind commercial drivers keeping logs and the significance of Hours of Service limitations. Understand the impact on safety and fatigue, distinguishing between Federal and Provincial regulations, and identifying exemptions from log-keeping requirements.

Delve into the intricacies of the Four Duty Statuses, Work Shift Limits, and Daily Limits. Uncover the specifics of Work Shift definitions, Driving and On-Duty limits, and the nuances of daily off-duty limits. Navigate through deferrals, sleeper berth rules for single and team drivers, and cycles with a focus on limits, resets, and mandatory off-duty periods. Gain insights into exemptions, including rules for emergencies, adverse driving, personal use, and North of 60 regulations. Understand the essentials of log requirements, from daily entries to supporting documents and log tampering prevention. Lastly, explore the nuances of the Radius Exemption Rules and the role of Electronic Recording Devices (ELDs). This comprehensive course equips participants with a deep understanding of Canadian Hours of Service regulations and their practical applications in commercial driving.

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of Canadian Hours of Service regulations and their practical applications in commercial driving.

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Testing is included to reinforce the training. You are allowed three attempts to achieve a passing mark of 70% or greater.


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