Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC) – 3 Demerit (Alberta)

This Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC) is specifically designed for drivers in the transportation industry as both a refresher on safe driving attitudes and techniques, and an introduction to new safe driving concepts.

Professional Driver
Improvement Course (PDIC)

3 Demerit (Alberta)

Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC)

3 Demerit (Alberta)

What Is Driver Improvement?

Explore the Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC), meticulously crafted for transportation industry drivers. This program acts as a comprehensive refresher on safe driving attitudes and techniques, while introducing innovative driving concepts. Approved by the Alberta Government for a 3-point demerit reduction, successful completion grants access to a verified certificate within 48 hours. Utilize the certificate details for demerit reduction processing, taking approximately 2-3 weeks.

Attaining a minimum 80% passing grade in this Alberta Government-approved course earns participants a significant 3 demerit reduction. With its flexible structure of 8 modules, learners can progress at their own pace. The course employs interactive scenarios, videos, and knowledge checks to create an engaging and memorable learning experience, ensuring drivers stay abreast of the latest safety measures.

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Course Preview

Course Overview

Embark on a comprehensive journey towards safe driving mastery with our Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC). Access essential links and downloads to kickstart your learning experience.

Module 1 – Core Philosophy:
Dive into the fundamental principles of safe driving, exploring acceptable risk, collision statistics, and the Driver Competency Model. Challenge yourself with a quiz to test your understanding.

Module 2 – SAFER System of Defensive Driving Part One:
Uncover the SAFER System’s first three components – Space, Attitude, and Foresight. Elevate your defensive driving skills and reinforce your knowledge through engaging content.

Module 3 – SAFER System of Defensive Driving Part Two:
Continue your journey through the SAFER System, focusing on Eyesight and Responsibility. Challenge yourself with a quiz to solidify your grasp on these crucial aspects.

Module 4 – Adverse Conditions:
Navigate adverse driving conditions by exploring weather, light, road, traffic, driver, and vehicle factors. Master vehicle inspections and breakdown scenarios, enhancing your preparedness.

Module 5 – Two-Vehicle Collisions:
Study the intricacies of two-vehicle collisions, understanding positions and proper passing techniques. Test your knowledge with a dedicated quiz.

Module 6 – Other Vehicle Collisions:
Delve into diverse collision scenarios, including backing, wildlife encounters, jackknifing, and rollovers. Challenge yourself with an insightful quiz.

Module 7 – Emergency Driving Techniques:
Equip yourself with emergency driving skills, covering braking, visual targeting, collision avoidance, and handling various safety systems. Strengthen your knowledge through an engaging quiz.

Module 8 – Drinking, Driving and Drugs:
Explore the statistics and impacts of drinking and driving, dispelling myths, and understanding penalties. Conclude with a comprehensive quiz on this critical aspect of safe driving.

Module 9 – Fatigue:
Delve into the complexities of fatigue, studying causal factors, sleep cycles, and management strategies. Assess your understanding through a detailed quiz on the implications of fatigue.

Module 10 – Conclusion:
Wrap up your journey with a conclusive module, reinforcing key learnings and preparing you to apply your newfound knowledge in real-world driving scenarios.

Embark on this transformative learning experience, enhancing your driving skills and contributing to safer roads. Your journey to becoming a safer and more proficient driver begins here.

The completion time of this course is roughly 6-7 hours, which include practical exercises and testing. The passing score is 80%, and participants earn a 3-year certificate that can be downloaded. Virtual proctoring is available for an additional fee.


Average Completion Time

The average completion time is 6-7 hours. Individual times will vary depending how long is spent on each module.


Knowledge Assessment

Testing is included to reinforce the training. You are allowed three attempts to achieve a passing mark of 80% or greater.


Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of this course, a certificate will be safely stored on your account and is available to download & print.