Advanced Incident

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Advanced Incident Management Implementation

In partnership with Frostbyte Consulting

The BIStrainer Incident Management Software is a robust program that allows organizations to collect comprehensive incident data, develop a clear picture of the incident, clarify the root causes of the event, and ensure notifications move up the chain of command with a clear event workflow. This powerful incident management tool was developed with the help of safety professionals, for safety professionals.

BIS Safety Software is now partnered with Frostbyte Consulting to help your organization implement the incident management software and take advantage of the many invaluable features even faster than before.

Features including the ability to:

  • Track incidents and identify trends
  • Review the workflow for each incident investigation
  • Understand why, when and where incidents occur
  • Prevent, report and resolve incidents
  • Easily provide updates to senior management
  • Protect your company and workplace
Online Incident Management Software

How Advanced Implementation
Support Can Help

Incident management software has become a critical part of many company’s safety programs. Once these systems are up and running smoothly they collect data and insights that provide untold value to the company and help keep employees safer.

However, for many companies, it can be an extremely daunting task to implement an advanced incident management system capable of doing what they need. When you sign on with BIStrainer you always receive free onboarding support to show you how to get off the ground running with the incident management software, but sometimes the level of system integration required is more advanced or you may not have the people power to implement the system yourself. That is why we partnered with Frostbyte Consulting.

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Frosbyte has a team of extremely skilled software experts who dedicate themselves to implementing new advanced health and safety software systems for a wide range of companies.

Frostbyte Consulting can help with advanced implementation including:

  • Creating and Managing the Incident Management Reporting
  • Setting up automated system alerts and notifications
  • Creating advanced incident workflows that track every form required

With support from Frostbyte Consulting, your company will get even more value from the incident management software with less of your teams time required to get it integrated.

About Frostbyte Consulting

Frostbyte Consulting is one of the world’s leading providers of EHS business information solutions. Based in Canada, they have been working with some of the largest organizations in the EHS industry for more than twenty years.

Their team is made up of professionals with experience coming from a great mix of industries and environments, including regulatory compliance, information technology, management consulting, and occupational health and safety.

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With a strong team with varied skills and experience the team at Frostbyte consulting is able to offer an extremely unique and wide range of services. One of the most utilized services is their software implementation, which is what they are offering to BIStrainer clients. Their team is committed to staying on the cutting edge of EHS and technology to continue supporting every one of their clients in this industry.

Frostbyte will their process by working with the client to understand their exact needs. Every implementation and support plan is as unique as the company they are working with. The Frostbyte team will then map out the project design to ensure everyone knows how the process will progress.

After the advanced implemnation process with Frostbyte is complete they are open to continuing the support relationship to guarantee you have a great experience using your new tools. Frostbyte also provides training to your team when required.

Additional Implementation Support from Frostbyte

Frostbyte Consulting can help with more than just the incident management system implementation. Frostbyte Consulting can support you with analytics, data mining, and the integration of advanced digital forms, including:

Hazard Assessments

Competency Validations

COR Audits

Equipment Inspections

Near Miss Reports

Pre-Trip Inspections

Daily Toolbox Talks

Field Level Risk Assessment

Ready to Simplify Your Complex Integration Process?

Contact Frostbyte and let their software experts do all of the heavy lifting and integrate complex forms and workflws into your safety program.