Instructor Dashboard

Interactive Instructor Dashboard

Intuitive Classroom Management for Instructors


One of the top features of the classroom calendar software is the ability for instructors to access an interactive dashboard. The instructor dashboard allows instructors to drag and drop course materials from the dashboard to the student’s screen. This allows instructors to instantly play videos and PowerPoints for the students on their tablets or computers.

Instructors can also drag and drop quizzes into the student drop zone within the dashboard, allowing immediate access to the students. As students complete the quiz, results will appear on the instructor dashboard, allowing the instructor to see what areas of the course material to focus on in more detail.

✓ Drag and Drop Technology

✓ Data showing Quiz Results and Participation

✓ Simple Course Creation

✓ Upload Video or Presentations

Assign Instructors and Customize Courses

You can quickly add an instructor to any online course in your classroom calendar. Once you assign the instructor, they can view a list of the courses to which they are assigned and use their own dashboard to add materials and get ready for the course.

  • Add Instructors to any course in your calendar

  • Instructors can add documents and quizes to their courses

  • Prevents double booking course instructors

  • Completely customize classroom courses and share material with students

The instructor dashboard allows course instructors to upload all of the relevant material they will need for the course well in advanced.

    ✔ Slideshows

    ✔ Quizzes and exams

    ✔ Videos

    ✔ Documents

Share Course Material with Students

The intuitive instructor dashboard lets you choose whether to go through a quiz or other material as a group on the main screen, or the instructor can use the “Student Access” feature to send a quiz or additional material to each student’s private mobile screen.

This feature is perfect if you want to discuss quiz questions together, so students can collaborate and share their knowledge, and it is also great for providing students with quizes or material you would like them to view on their own, this could be something like an instruction manual or assessment.

Review Quiz Grades In Real Time

Instructors can send a quiz to every student’s computer or tablet and then instantly review the average grade for each question and focus additional class time on areas where students struggled.

Instructor Dashboard Feature Overview


Quickly assign instructors to your courses


View scores and address important topics


Share material to your student’s screen


Instantly play videos or slides for the class

Interactive Instructor Dashboard

Organizing and facilitating classroom courses should be this easy.

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