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ricing for software-as-a-service should be simple. To start, identify which software features will benefit your Health & Safety program the most. You can browse the EHS software features by clicking here.

Once you know which features will streamline your EHS program, you should identify what safety training programs and courses are needed by your team. There are three options for online courses:

  • Pay-as-You-Go: This is perfect for companies that need a few courses here and there. You can pick and choose what you need from the entire library and pay for only what you use.
  • Pre-Paid Codes: This is valuable when you need to purchase 50–100 seats or more. Simply reach out to our team with the specific details, and we can touch base with the content owner(s) for volume pricing discounts.
  • All Access: This is by far the best value. You pay a set amount per person, per month and have unlimited access to a full package of online safety training programs. See examples below.

For a package that includes courses only, or for a specific combination of courses and features, reach out to one of our team members for more details.

Standard Full-Featured Pricing

Tiered pricing plans for fully-featured learning & compliance software implementation provides the best value for organizations of all sizes.

Custom System Pricing

Create a custom pricing plan that includes only the features and course packages your organization requires.

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Premium Oil & Gas Program

Designed specifically for the oil and gas industry, this program includes full LMS functionality and unlimited access to 105 industry-specific training programs.

Premium Construction Program

Designed for the construction industry, this program includes full LMS functionality and unlimited access to 97 industry-specific training programs.

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Transportation Program

Designed specifically for the transportation industry, this program includes full LMS functionality and unlimited access to over 70 industry-specific training programs.

Premium Transportation Program

A Robust Transportation program which includes full LMS functionality & unlimited access to 50+ training programs, full access to digital forms including pre-trip inspection and driver management

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Safety Essentials Course Subscription

The Safety Essentials Course Subscription gives your team unlimited access to critical safety training for as little at $3.50/user/month, plus access to the BIStrainer Learning Management System

Complete Safety Course Subscription

The Complete Safety subscription gets you unlimited access to hundreds of the top workplace and transportation safety training courses for the low monthly cost of $4.30/user

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Safety & Awareness Course Bundle

The Safety & Awareness course bundle gets you unlimited access to 120+ of the top safety training and awareness courses starting at $3.50/user/month

Powerful Training & Compliance Solutions for Organizations of All Sizes

Our EHS software can fulfill all of your internal training needs with flexible pricing plans regardless if you have one hundred or thousands of employees.