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Software to Support Coaching, Mentoring & Competency

When BIStrainer was originally created, our vision was to create a software application that allows companies to manage a larger spectrum of training that includes online programs, classroom programs, coaching/mentoring, and competency validation, as well as tracking hours of experience.

One of the first programs we developed for this type of training was for the Sideboom, which included an online training, plus classroom training, plus supervised operation experience as well as coaching/mentoring.

One challenge that companies face in an ever-changing workforce is the variety of knowledge gaps, ages, field experience, and cultural backgrounds that exist between new hires. The one-size-fits-all classroom training approach cannot expect to adapt to the learning needs of both the new employee fresh out of school and the seasoned veteran with decades of real-world experience. Companies need to implement adaptive learning that can provide experienced workers with high-level updates, key information, and brand new knowledge while providing new workers all the in-depth information, background knowledge, and learning needed to get up to speed.

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System Capabilities

Competency Validation

Moving competency validation online allows you to digitally track employee competency in key tasks for any job, including safety inspections or the use of fall protection equipment. You can even upload tutorial notes and videos to train inspectors on how to properly perform a competency validation assessment. Having all of this online means quick access to reporting and the ability to see aggregate data across a specific department or entire organization. Clear Competency Validations allow new hires to better understand their performance expectations, reducing role ambiguity.

Performance Assessments

Online assessments mean you can use company tablets to complete annual assessments, performance reviews, coaching evaluations, and even new hire on-boarding checklists. All forms are then stored in the cloud and are accessible on demand to those with the right security clearance. Once accessed, the results of annual assessments can help you track performance and create performance goals for the company as a whole or for each department or individual employee.

Digital Customizable Onboarding Forms

The Digital Forms feature allows you to integrate your onboarding form package directly into your online orientation. The form builder gives you all the tools you need to digitally recreate, organize, and customize your existing paper-based onboarding forms into easy to follow electronic forms that can be filled out with a smart phone, tablet, or computer. Each section of the form can be programmed to customize in real-time depending on the options users select. Once the form is complete, all information collected is automatically sent in PDF format to the right department, so no paperwork is lost in the shuffle.

Training Record Management

A Training Record Management (TRM) System is a secure online storage of all historical training records in one central location. With this robust Training Record Management System, you can upload employee training records, including a copy of each certificate, regardless of the training provider. Once records are uploaded, automatic expiry alerts can be sent to employees, supervisors, and managers to help ensure your employees’ training is always up to date. TRM allows for certificate management to create expiry alerts, auto archiving, training hours reports, mass record upload/update tools as well as identify potential gaps in training history.

Online Classroom Calendar

Using an online classroom tool can help manage the mentor and coaching processes effectively. Course Management features allow events and activities to be dragged and dropped onto the calendar, while details, images, and videos can be added and linked to competency assessments. This enables everything to work together to eventually generate completion and mentoring certificates. With the Competency Validation feature, all employee competency requirements across any mentoring topic can be managed by combining online training, classroom training, practical hands-on training and supervised competency assessments. Neither online nor classroom training alone is enough, but a combination of the two, along with onsite competency validation, can make a significant difference in outcome.

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