BC Safe Driving
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BC Safe Driving - Online Training

This BC Safe Driving course is a thorough defensive driving program designed to educate safe driving habits and help drivers of all levels improve their driving skills. The regulations of the road and drivers’ responsibilities are covered in this course.

This course was created with the help of police officers, driving instructors, traffic engineers, psychologists, professional drivers, and driving lawyers. The materials are aimed to underline the attitudes that poor drivers use to rationalise their actions behind the wheel.

Exam questions are added throughout the course to ensure that students are paying attention to the topic. The exam consists of a minimum of 50 questions, each of which is unique to the student. A 70% passing grade is required. Participants can take the course twice if needed.

Participants who achieve a passing grade receive a Certificate of Completion.

BC Safe Driving - Course Overview

The following are the three main goals of the course:

  1. To aid in the rehabilitation and re-education of drivers who have engaged in risky driving practises. Drivers who commit motor vehicle offences on a frequent basis endanger the public’s safety. The course material is aimed to modify these harmful attitudes by recognising them and illustrating the flawed thinking that is commonly used to excuse reckless driving. Defensive driving attitudes are explained to provide participants a better grasp of why they need to adjust their driving habits.
  2. To help inexperienced or nervous drivers better comprehend the regulations of the road, their vehicle, and their responsibilities as drivers. Typical driving conditions, as well as extreme and emergency scenarios, are covered in the course material.
  3. To ensure that staff understand their responsibilities as drivers. As an employer, it is critical that employees who drive for business purposes and in company vehicles have a thorough awareness of the regulations of the road, the importance of driving safely and legally, and the value of courteous driving.

Universally Compatible

This course was created using standards that will allow playback on most internet capable devices with standard web browsing capabilities including Apple’s iTouch, iPad, and iPhone, as well as most other smart phones and tablets including those with Android and Windows operating systems.


Average Completion Time

Completion times vary depending on the number of times the information is viewed prior to finishing the course. The average completion time is 3.5 hours.


Knowledge Assessment

Testing is conducted in this online course to reinforce the information presented. You are provided three opportunities to achieve a passing mark of 70% or greater.


Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of this course, a certificate will be available to download and print. You can access your certificate through your online account.