How to Effectively Negotiate Return to Work/
Modified Duties (WCB)

How to Effectively Negotiate Return to Work/
Modified Duties (WCB) Online Course Overview

When a worker suffers a workplace injury often safety professional and those assigned to assist the worker in their return-to-work wonder…what do I do? How do I do it?

In this course you we review the principles of modified duties and return to work, and then dive headfirst into how to have the conversation and deal with issues that could arise during the return to work / modified work process.

At the completion, you’ll be able to:

• Recognize in advance potential issues
• React quickly and appropriately to common and uncommon issues that arise during modified work
• Work with your team, the employee, and WCB in managing the modified worker
• How to avoid common mistakes when managing a worker
• Assist in the worker’s return to full duties

When you negotiate modified work effectively, you create a culture within the organization that encouraged participation and cooperation. This course will show you how to do this.

How to Effectively Negotiate Return to Work / Modified Duties (WCB) Course Topics

Some of the topics covered in this course:
• What are modified duties
• The legislation and policies governing modified duties
• The elements & milestones of a modified work program
• A discussion around documents you should have/use in your company as it relates to return to work
• How to identify restrictions in different scenarios
• Identifying and understanding suitable modified
• How to offer modified duties and deal with resistance
• Managing the worker on modified duties: scheduling, payment, discipline
• How to deal with common and uncommon events while a worker is on modified duties
• How to return a worker back to normal duties

Your Outcome
At the completion of the course, you will have the confidence to have real discussions with injured worker about modified duties. You will be more aware of how to manage difficult situations and when to involve different stakeholders to minimize the issues. You will be able to recognize events before they happen and avoid common mistakes that often cost an organization.

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Instructor Bio
Anthony Butkovic is President of a company that specializes in training professionals from all backgrounds and occupations in managing and appealing WCB claims.
Over the past 10 years his firm has saved employers millions in WCB premiums and assisted in securing hundreds of millions more in successful construction bids.

He has personally been involved in the successful modified work negotiation of over 1,000 injured workers across North America.


Average Completion Time

Completion times vary depending on the number of times the information is viewed prior to finishing the course. The average completion time is 90 minutes.


Knowledge Assessment

Testing is conducted in this online course to reinforce the information presented. You are provided three opportunities to achieve a passing mark of 80% or greater.


Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of this course, a certificate will be available to download and print. You can access your certificate through your online account.