The Authentic Leader for the
Safety Professional Training

The Authentic Leader for the Safety Professional Training

Some people believe that leadership is an innate ability – something you either have or don’t. Leaders are not born with any special talent. They learn to become a leader the same way they learn other skills. The strongest leaders invest in their leadership development before they become a formal leader with an official title. Through a self-assessment, you will explore what leadership means to you and develop a deeper understanding of your authentic leadership style.

This course will support emerging leaders in the safety industry in assessing their leadership readiness and provide them with the tools to develop a leadership style that is true to their vision of an authentic leader.

The Authentic Leader for the Safety Professional Training Course Topics

Introduction | Course Structure
Module 1: What Is Leadership

  • Lesson: My Leadership Biases
    Module 2: Assessing My Leadership Readiness

  • Lesson 1: Am I ready?
  • Lesson 2: Interpreting My Survey Results
    Module 3: What Makes A Leader

  • Lesson: What are Ideal Leadership Qualities?
    Module 4: My Leadership Journey

  • Lesson: Developing My Leadership Abilities
    Module 5: Conclusion
    Final Quiz

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