Slips & Trips for Construction

This online course helps employees recognize and avoid slip and trip hazards.


Falls are one of the most common causes of construction jobsite injuries and deaths. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2012, falls, slips, and trips accounted for 285,380 nonfatal injuries and 570 fatal work injuries in the workplace.

This online course is designed to help learners recognize and avoid slip and trip hazards. It will also teach them to take the proper measures to ensure their safety and the safety of others on the jobsite.

After completing this course, learners will be able to:

  • Recognize the difference between slips and trips and what causes each of them to occur
  • Discuss the potential injuries sustained and costs associated with slips and trips
  • Describe ways to prevent slips and trips on the jobsite


  • Slip & Trip Basics
    • What is a Slip?
    • What is a Trip?
    • Causes of Slips & Trips on the Jobsite
    • Potential Injuries
    • Cost of Slips, Trips, & Falls
  • Preventing Slips & Trips
    • Reducing Incidents
    • Jobsite Design
    • Employee Best Practices
    • Proper Footwear & Safe Walking Practices
    • Housekeeping
    • Correct & Report Hazards


Average Completion Time

Completion times vary depending on the number of times the information is viewed prior to finishing the course. The average completion time is 30 minutes.


Knowledge Assessment

Testing is conducted in this online course to reinforce the information presented. You are provided three opportunities to achieve a passing mark of 80% or greater.


Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of this course, a certificate will be available to download and print. You can access your certificate through your online account.

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