TDG Transportation of Dangerous Goods – Clear Language Canadian Edition

Explore TDG regulations with our comprehensive Clear Language Canadian Edition course. Federal legislation, worksite-specific training, and valuable resources included.

TDG Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Clear Language Canadian Edition

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Clear Language Canadian Edition Online Safety Training Course

What Is TDG – Clear Language Edition?

Welcome to our comprehensive TDG Transportation of Dangerous Goods course – Clear Language Canadian Edition. This program is meticulously crafted to offer a dual focus, providing both generic information on all facets of TDG and catering to worksite-specific requirements. As participants engage with the course, they will delve into crucial topics, including federal legislation, placards and signage requirements, and the distinct responsibilities of consignors, carriers, and consignees. The course places a strong emphasis on the classification of dangerous goods and understanding the intricacies of shipping documents.

This training program is not just a standard offering; it goes above and beyond by incorporating a specialized training matrix for worksite-specific adaptation. Covering Dangerous Goods Regulations and Parts 1-16 along with Schedules 1-3, the course provides an in-depth exploration of enforcement, shipment creation, and documentation procedures. As an added value, participants can download a full copy of the Federal Legislation, the Emergency Response Guidebook, and an Employers Training Matrix. This program stands out as one of the most comprehensive online resources available, ensuring participants gain a robust understanding of TDG regulations and foster a culture of safety in the transportation of dangerous goods.

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Course Preview

This comprehensive TDG training program is designed to provide both generic information on all aspects of TDG, in addition to facilitating specific to the worksite. The program covers federal legislation, placards and signage requirements, the responsibilities of consignors, carriers and consignees, classification of dangerous good, and the shipping document.

The content covered in this course is presented in the following 14 chapters:

1. Introduction
2. Enforcement
3. Common Definitions
4. Responsibilities of Shipper/Driver/Receiver
5. Exemptions from TDG
6. Classification of Dangerous Goods
7. Hazard Levels for Classes of Dangerous Goods
8. The Dangerous Goods Regulations and Schedules 1, 2, and 3
9. Primary and Subsidiary Classification
10. Safety Marks
11. Shipping Document
12. Appendix A Information Required on a Shipping Document
13. Steps to Prepare Shipments of Dangerous Goods.
14. TDG Test

The completion time of this course is roughly 90 minutes, which include practical exercises and testing. The passing score is 70%, and participants earn a 3-year certificate that can be downloaded. Virtual proctoring is available for an additional fee.

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Average Completion Time

The average completion time is 90 minutes. Individual times will vary depending how long is spent on each module.


Knowledge Assessment

Testing is included to reinforce the training. You are allowed three attempts to achieve a passing mark of 70% or greater.


Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of this course, a certificate will be safely stored on your account and is available to download & print.