GHS and WHMIS 2015

Dive into workplace safety with our GHS and WHMIS online course. Explore history, legislation, symbols, and practical applications in just 60 minutes.

GHS and WHMIS 2015

GHS and WHMIS Course


What Is GHS and WHMIS?

Welcome to our online GHS and WHMIS course, an immersive training experience expertly tailored to cover the Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS) and the new Globally Harmonized System (GHS). In just approximately 60 minutes, this comprehensive program provides participants with a deep understanding of the relationships between WHMIS and GHS, insights into occupational health and safety laws, and a grasp of the core features of both systems. Responsibilities of employers, employees, and product suppliers, coupled with practical knowledge on controlling chemical hazards, system-related documentation, and labeling, will be explored thoroughly.

In testing conducted within this course, a pass mark of 80% is required, and participants have the opportunity to retake the course up to three times to achieve the pass mark. Upon successful completion, a downloadable and printable Certificate of Completion will be awarded, valid for three years unless specified otherwise by an employer, legislation, or other authority. Join us on this efficient and impactful learning journey, preparing you to confidently navigate the complexities of WHMIS and GHS in the industrial landscape.

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Course Preview

Course Overview

Embark on a comprehensive exploration of workplace safety with our online GHS and WHMIS course, meticulously designed to equip participants with essential knowledge and skills. Delve into the historical evolution of WHMIS and GHS, understanding their significance in the context of health and safety. Uncover relevant health and safety statistics, gain insights into occupational health and safety legislation, and explore the crucial relationship between industrial hygiene and GHS.

Course Topics:

  • History of WHMIS and GHS
  • Health and safety statistics
  • Occupational health and safety legislation
  • Industrial hygiene and its relation to GHS
  • Reasons for using WHMIS and GHS systems
  • Harmful substance routes of entry
  • Overview of WHMIS and GHS systems
  • WHMIS and GHS symbols
  • Workplace labels
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Requirements for worker education
  • Responsibilities of employers, employees, and suppliers
  • WHMIS at home
  • Controlling chemical hazards
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Safety Data Sheet questions
  • Glossary of terms

Concluding with a glossary of terms, participants will emerge well-versed in the key aspects of WHMIS and GHS, ready to contribute to a safer work environment.

The completion time of this course is roughly 60 minutes, which include practical exercises and testing. The passing score is 80%, and participants earn a 3-year certificate that can be downloaded. Virtual proctoring is available for an additional fee.


Average Completion Time

The average completion time is 6-7 hours. Individual times will vary depending how long is spent on each module.


Knowledge Assessment

Testing is included to reinforce the training. You are allowed three attempts to achieve a passing mark of 80% or greater.


Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of this course, a certificate will be safely stored on your account and is available to download & print.