Employee Performance Management Tracking System

The Science of Performance Management

Interested in improving the tracking and management of employee evaluations, annual assessments, long answer questions, competency validations, and performance reviews while also reducing paperwork?

The Employee Performance Management Tracking System can help you achieve these goals with a secure cloud-based document management system. Using this feature, employee files are not only instantly accessible to managers anywhere in your company, but also carefully controlled to ensure access to information is limited based on management permissions.

The easy and secure accessibility of files is made possible through hassle free cloud-based technology. This means managers, regardless of location, can access and collaborate on a shared platform to store and retrieve historical documents related to employee performance, administration, training, and more, including:

  • Annual reviews
  • One-on-one surveys
  • Disciplinary reviews
  • Performance evaluations
  • Compliance documents
  • Hazard assessments
Performance Management Competencies

The Value in Verifying Competency

1. Instant Reporting Results

When you verify competency using the Employee Performance Management Tracking System, you can instantly see your entire company’s performance level in any category. The system also allows you to access detailed results by department, region, or location to see what areas of the organization are strongest.

2. Lower Risk

Using verifiable data, you can assign work and specific tasks to teams or individuals based on their training, skills, talents, and competencies. This helps reduce risk and improve overall company performance by helping you find the right people for the job.

3. The Hawthorne Effect

When people know their performance is being tracked and measured, performance can improve. This effect produces powerful results if it’s applied correctly. For instance, looking for positives and strengths helps drive performance and tap into discretionary effort. That’s why the system is designed to measure and report on individual strengths rather than weaknesses.

Competency Tracking

Instantly check your company’s performance across multiple categories.

Fall Protection Competency Verification / 75%
Confined Space Competency Verification / 90%
First Aid Skills Refresher Verification / 80%
Defensive Driving Skills & Competency Verification / 30%

Employee Safety Rewards Tracking System

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of the Employee Performance Management Tracking System, take things a step farther with the Employee Safety Rewards Tracking System. With this tool, you can design employee incentive and safety reward programs using a point-based system. This makes it easy for staff to track positive actions and record performance information across multiple levels of the organization.

Don’t let your safety programs fail due to poorly defined metrics for success and a lack of enforcement. Use the Rewards Tracking System to clearly define desirable, safe behaviours and create a system where good work habits and safety practices are incentivized and reinforced.

With the Rewards Tracking System, you can overcome other major issues with incentive programs, such as volume. Digital tracking and file management allow you to coordinate company-wide reward programs for any organization, whether you have 10 employees or 10,000.

Additional benefits include the abilities to:

  • Establish a dependable safety reporting system
  • Give your incentive programs consistency
  • Give employees tangible rewards for their commitment
  • Turn non-essential work habits into enforced procedure
  • Store safety and employee performance information on an extended timeline, giving management feedback material for annual reviews

If you can measure and track it, you can improve it.

The functionality and inherent benefits of the Employee Performance Management Tracking System make it the perfect tool for any human resource audit or employee review.