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See Training from a New Perspective!

“Seeing training from a new perspective” was the goal of Amy Zuk-Olsen when she founded Safety Buzz in 2004 in Bonnyville, Alberta. Co-owners Sheldon Olsen and Amy Zuk-Olsen first provided safety training, but now they’ve expanded into other areas such as offering safety services (air trailer and safety management), leadership and team building, and equipment online and in-person training. With their rapid expansion, in 2018 they established the Safety Buzz Campus as the first rural safety training campus in Cypress County. With seven acres of outdoor training space, the Safety Buzz Campus is the largest training facility in Southeastern Alberta.

This expansive training facility is what makes Safety Buzz Campus unique. This facility allows them to offer equipment training right on site. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, their campus allows for social distancing and even outdoor classes to make sure training is accessible regardless of restrictions. The team at Safety Buzz Campus strives to offer students the most comfortable learning atmosphere with fully certified and dedicated instructors to help them succeed, refresh their skills, and/or enter the workforce with confidence.
Amy Zuk-Olsen, owner, and founder explained that their approach is to never service just one industry. They have found great success in creating a diversified client base composed of construction, hospitality, and oil & gas clients. Their flexibility in servicing multiple industries can be attributed to Safety Buzz Campus’s focus on building meaningful connections. Amy explained, “we have worked with so many customers to help bring their safety to life.” They work hard to avoid cookie cutter solutions by molding custom-built training for each individual company. The Safety Buzz Campus team provides fun and engaging learning within a relaxed atmosphere which leaves attendees with an eagerness to return.

Aside from all the individuals they get the chance to meet through training, Safety Buzz Campus has an amazing internal culture. Their tight knit team celebrates all their personal and business success together as one big family. Amy explained “we care deeply for everyone on the team, and it shows whenever someone new enters our atmosphere.” Safety Buzz Campus doesn’t just focus on training clients, but they also take the time to improve their own skills. For example, Amy furthers her own growth with John Maxwell leadership training and applies what she learns to help her team and clients.
Sheldon, Amy & the team at Safety Buzz Campus don’t want trainees to learn and forget. They want the safety lessons learned to follow with them long after completion. To do this, Safety Buzz Campus has built a strong social media presence to stay constantly engaged with their clients and prospects. To maintain contact with their clients, they send out monthly newsletters and post YouTube videos to share their culture with others. This content is filled with positivity and excitement with safety to motivate clients and others to be safe.

“We care deeply for everyone on the team, and it shows whenever someone new enters our atmosphere.”  
-Amy Zuk-Olsen, Owner and Founder of Safety Buzz Campus

Amy urges new workers to be proactive in their training when entering the workforce. Even with some quick internet research, new workers can become further equipped to be successful in their field. “A lot of people don’t know about amazing job employment grants that are out there, such as the Canada-Alberta Job Grant. New workers can mention these grants to their companies and apply to have training costs covered.”

Safety Buzz Campus continually strives to be the number one training provider in Alberta and Saskatchewan through their engaging and forward-thinking approach to safety. By providing top-quality training in a fun and comfortable learning environment, Amy and Sheldon have found great success in educating students to be safe and confident in their roles. The expansive Safety Buzz Campus provides the space for all students to receive both the practical and theoretical experience needed for professional growth. Above all else, the Safety Buzz Campus is a great place to see training from a new perspective.


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