10 Valuable Things You Can Do with Online Audit Software

A company’s Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) professional manages an HSE program that keeps employees safe and the company compliant with regulations, laws and policies from Health Canada and local HSE organizations. One large piece of a comprehensive HSE program is an internal audit, a tool that measures the program’s effectiveness, assesses compliance, and corrects existing problems.

Online audit software has made auditing simpler and more efficient than paper-based methods. These ten features of online audit software keep a company competitive, efficient, and thriving in an increasingly competitive market.

  1. Customize the Audit
  2. Online audit software is completely customizable, from creating the forms to defining the steps in the process. Use successful parts of an existing audit and build the rest of the process around them with templates and pre-made portions in the software.

  3. Be Online or Offline
  4. An online platform centralizes the information and makes it easier to modify, complete, and collect information from an audit. Because there may be situations where connected devices are not authorized, portions of an audit can be completed offline, as well.

  5. Be Thorough
  6. Because it is digital, auditing software makes it possible to update audit steps instantly, conduct audits more often, and find areas of opportunity easier.

  7. Communicate with the Leadership Team
  8. Often, leadership teams want to be reassured that their organization is happy, healthy, and safe at work. Online audit software has the ability to send results to designated users, keeping them informed. And when results are not as good, the leadership team can still feel like they are in the loop.

  9. Assign Tasks Automatically
  10. Delegating tasks has never been easier. Assign certain tasks and forms to members of the auditing team and send the forms digitally. Then, receive all of the results in one place automatically.

  11. Analyze the Data
  12. While it’s easy to upload text, information, photos, and files into the online audit software, analyzing the data is just as simple. With the click of a button, see high-level and task specific data about an audit.

  13. Pull Reports Instantly
  14. Knowledge is power. Quickly print reports from the audit to help managers, leaders, and executives make better HSE-related decisions.

  15. Access Anywhere
  16. Online audit software is cloud-based, meaning users can log in wherever they have internet access. That flexibility is valuable when audits are conducted in multiple locations, when an HSE professional needs to pull a report on-site, and when multiple users need access simultaneously.

  17. Train Anyone to Use It
  18. Luckily, the ability to customize an audit with online software means that the HSE professional can use language that is familiar to his or her organization. Online audit software is also intuitive and easy-to-use, with drag-and-drop features and user-friendly screens to guide anyone through the process.

  19. Demonstrate Seriousness
  20. When clients and external auditors see an investment in tools like online audit software, they tend to take a company more seriously. Plus, companies that conduct internal audits perform better when they undergo obligatory external audits.

All of these capabilities make online audit software a valuable tool for any company.


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