5 Advantages of Online Audit Software


he job of a Health, Safety, & Environment (HSE) Professional is hectic. Not only are they often thrown in dangerous or stressful work environments, but they must also: know and understand applicable laws, regulations, and policies; oversee the company’s HSE program; implement training and corrective actions; and manage audits.

The auditing process is grueling and time-consuming, but it’s a necessary part of a successful business. Audits provide assurances that a company’s existing HSE infrastructure is safe, compliant, and successful.

Many HSE Professionals conduct internal audits to prepare for the bigger, external audits required by regulating bodies, and but not every company has an easy way to do this. Now, online audit software makes the HSE job easier while making the company more productive, more profitable, and safer.

Still on the fence about getting online audit software? Here are the five biggest advantages, for a company AND an HSE Professional.

  1. Speed
  2. Online audit software enables the HSE Professional to communicate valuable information to the people who need it almost instantaneously. This includes quickly notifying team members, reviewing audit results, delegating corrective actions, and reporting to leadership when milestones are met.

  3. Efficiency

  4. In order to stay competitive, a company needs to continually evaluate its efficiency. If a company’s auditing process is not digitized yet, then online auditing software will likely pay for itself after the first audit. Why? The HSE Professional will catch more costly problems, reduce workplace injuries and accidents, spend fewer hours on the audit itself, and enable more productivity from every employee.

  5. Customizable

  6. When a company creates an auditing process from existing resources, the audit itself may not fit the particular needs of that company. Online audit software gives users the ability to customize the forms, how they’re delivered, how they’re organized, how they’re connected, and how the company responds to the audit results. As regulations change, the user can also easily update the software, keeping the company compliant in real-time.

  7. Effectiveness

  8. No one wants to be surprised by the results of an audit, especially in high-risk or injury-prone industries. Companies that are proactive in their HSE programs are more effective at preventing accidents, at spending less, at meeting compliance standards, and at delivering superior results to customers. One piece of being proactive in HSE is having the best infrastructure to do so, which includes using the best online audit software.

  9. Sustainable

  10. As sustainability becomes more important to both companies and customers, moving programs online is a great way to keep an organization greener. Specifically, online audit software meets environmental goals by: catching waste in energy consumption, resources, and supplies; eliminating the unnecessary use of paper; and finding valuable square footage that was once used to store auditing files.


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