Albertan e-learning providers donate $300,000 in courses to rural youth education

A group of Alberta-based e-learning safety course providers have donated $300,000 worth of online courses as part of a new program designed to give rural graduates a leg up in their job applications come spring.

Often, rural students lack the resources and geographic proximity to access essential training for many jobs in the oil & gas industry. Energy Education 35 is a five credit, online course designed to give students background knowledge on jobs in the energy industry, including application procedures.

Students will also receive free access to a variety of other essential tickets, including WHMIS, Defensive Driving, Learners Permit Training, Industrial Safety Orientation, Fall Protection, Petroleum Safety Training and Transportation of Dangerous Goods. Free access to these online training courses removes a significant hurdle keeping Aboriginal and rural youth from entering the construction and oil & gas industries upon graduation.

“The greatest weapon for good we have on this planet is education,” Dan MacDonald, Managing Director with BIS Safety Software, one of the e-learning developers making the donation, said. “Education breaks down barriers to a better future for everyone in the province and around the country.”

Energy Education 35 was developed in partnership with Alberta Distance Learning, Northern Lights School Division, and Cool Immersive Online Training Simulations. Tickets and training delivery were donated by Alberta BC Safety, BIS Safety Software, Fleet Safety International, Integrated Safety Management Services and the SDI Group.

For more information on the courses being offered or the network of business partners funding the donation, please contact Dan MacDonald, Managing Director for BIS Safety Software at or 780-410-1660


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