Choosing the right LMS for your small business

Choosing the Right Learning management Software

Learning management software selection is all about matching your company’s long-term professional development and training needs with staff resources and system compatibility.

A BIS learning Management System is a one-stop business solution for employee training and records management. The system takes the guesswork out of training management, automating course delivery, classroom registration, expiry notifications, and storage of compliance-related training material.

Whether you’re shopping for a learning management system for the first time or dissatisfied with your current system, BIS Training has the staff and resources available to help you pick the perfect employee training solution.

Safely navigate the most common LMS mistakes:

–          Unique/legacy course authorship

–          Social media compatibility

–          Software compatibility (SCORM)

–          File compatibility

–          Long set up times and costs

BIS can help you develop an employee learning solution that’s hassle-free, easy-to-use, and compatible with your existing computer and HR systems. Within a few days of calling, we can help you select the tools that fit your needs and help you implement them in a way that saves your organization time and money.

BIS can help your LMS grow alongside your business with simple to add features that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Call us, today at  (866) 416 1660(Toll-free) to design your own training programs or take advantage of our extensive library of compliance-related and professional development online courses.

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