BIS announces its latest course on lattice boom crawler crane operators

BIS Safety Software course helps lattice boom/crawler crane operators avoid tipping point.

In partnership with the Hard Hat Training BIS Safety Software is pleased to announce the release of its latest course on lattice boom/crawler crane safety and operating procedure.

The Crane operator course will help workers stay compliant with OHS standards, keeping them up-to-date on procedures for the safe operation of mobile cranes, material hoists, articulating boom cranes, slings and hook-lifting devices.

Workers will learn to:
– perform daily, pre-shift, and pre-lift inspections on different parts of the crane, rigging gear, attachments, hardware, outriggers/stabilizers and hydraulics.
– read load charts, boom angle indicators, load moment indicators, bubble levels, warning labels and hand signals.
– identify and manage hazardous situations, including electrocution, improper signaling, vision obstructed lifts, load riding and two blocking.

During Hard Hat’s lattice boom/crawler crane course, operators will also get the chance to practice using load charts and gain a firm grasp of complex operational concepts, like how to avoid tipping points, and properly deploy outriggers/stabilizers.

The Crane operator course also emphasizes proper set up procedure for the wide variety of boom cranes that can be found on the job. Over 20 per cent of job site accidents involve lattice cranes, and the majority of those accidents occur due to improper crane assembly.

Online safety courses are fast, friendly and efficient. With just a few hours online, in class and onsite, your operators can complete refresher training for their equipment.

BIS is a top provider of digital training in Alberta and has helped manage training and records storage for over 3,000 businesses around North America since 2006.

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