Work alone? Maintain safety and regulatory compliance

A lone, female liquor store employee stands helpless as she’s robbed by regulars. An electrician sits quiet and alone in the woods near Fort McMurray, knocked unconscious by an exposed power cable. A truck driver ploughs on through the night, knowing he should stop, knowing he’s behind deadline. Alberta has tight restrictions around employees who work alone, and the consequences of non-compliance, both financial and human, can be drastic.

Any worker put in charge of money or company resources while working alone faces a number of risks foreign to busy team environments. In some situations, it is illegal to work alone. In many situations, restrictions around working alone are specific and regulated.

Employees taking Work Alone Course will:

  • Learn to spot work alone situations and necessary precautions
  • Establish communication procedures and requirements
  • Perform risk assessments

BIS training videos support OHS-compliance when combined with any required site specific training for employees in any industry. Courses are accessible on mobile devices and serve as perfect course material for group sessions or individual learning. Automated emails notify employees when they need training renewal.

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