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An employer’s biggest challenge when it comes to safety training is choosing which courses should be required and which should be recommended. This is a challenge because of how few standards the safety training industry currently has in place. A large number of organizations, such as OSSA, ENFORM, and ... Read More


Everyone knows safety training is important, but often workers, supervisors, and even companies have negative attitudes towards it. We have other things we’d rather be doing, or we believe that it takes workers off the job site and costs the company in lost time. The question becomes how can we ... Read More


BIS Training Solutions now offers a training program designed to reduce losses caused by one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment on the jobsite. Trackhoes, excavators or diggers may be dangerous, but they’re also one of the most widely used pieces of equipment at your disposal. They can be ... Read More


Online training is currently estimated to be a twenty seven billion dollar industry and it’s still in its infancy. Based on research, Ambient postulates that over the next three years the online training industry is expected to mushroom into a fifty billion dollar industry. During this time, pricing for online ... Read More


Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) is the process that creates a safety partnership between management and workers, focuses on people’s behaviour related to how they work, and encourages all workers to be ... Read More


Despite obvious cost savings, many managers are on the fence about whether to transition their safety courses and employee training online. Reductions in class costs, instructor’s time, and physical resources can open additional resources for essential components of your safety program, like equipment and staff. What many don’t realize, ... Read More


A lone, female liquor store employee stands helpless as she’s robbed by regulars. An electrician sits quiet and alone in the woods near Fort McMurray, knocked unconscious by an exposed power cable. A truck driver ploughs on through the night, knowing he should stop, knowing he’s behind deadline. ... Read More


BIS Training Solutions course helps lattice boom/crawler crane operators avoid tipping point.In partnership with the Hard Hat Training BIS Training Solutions is pleased to announce the release of its latest course on lattice boom/crawler crane safety and operating procedure.The course will help workers stay compliant with ... Read More


BIS Training Solutions, in partnership with AMHSA, is pleased to announce the release of their new Leadership for Safety Excellence online training.Online Leadership for Safety Excellence program is designed to help municipal supervisors understand their role in supporting their health and safety management system. It includes ... Read More


BIS Training Solutions in partnership with Safety Health Publishing Inc. is pleased to offer the latest online safety training for Wilderness and Bear Awareness training through the BIS network of safety training companies.This online safety training program explores ... Read More

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