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Buildings, Communities, and Relationships

Back in the 1980s, Manshield Construction founded themselves as a brick-laying company. Over the past 40 years, Manshield Construction grew from a smaller general contracting company dealing in concrete and blockwork to a powerhouse in the Canadian construction landscape. Beginning in Winnipeg, where their head office still resides, Manshields has expanded across much of Canada, from Thunder Bay in the east to Kelowna in the west. To accommodate the many new services they now provide, they have updated their name to M Builds.
Today, M Builds is a multi-faceted, full-service construction company that operates primarily in Western Canada. Their commercial sector builds a variety of commercial structures, as well as educational, retail, and living facilities. The possibilities are endless with M Builds, and they are willing to take on all commercial building or renovation projects to satisfy their customer’s needs.
As one of Western Canada’s larger construction companies, M Builds has the internal and external resources to rise to any challenge. Regardless if it is masonry or concrete, M Builds has the tools and the talent to get the job done. With a wide variety of skills and equipment, M Builds delivers quality work in a timely manner. Furthermore, M Builds has fostered great relationships with subcontractors, whom they count on to deliver prompt service and quality work.

M Builds works hard to ensure client satisfaction is one of their top priorities. Richard Ioculano, Corporate Safety Officer for M Builds, stated that their uniqueness is defined by their client interactions. The company is operated with a “family-type environment” with a foundation built upon respect and communication. This attention to respect and communication has helped them expand and continue to grow. Richard testifies that although they do bid on projects, most of their work is from referrals and positive word of mouth.
Talking further on their relationships with clients, Richard attests that the relationships built in combination with their exceptional quality control and their top-notch customer service are what sets them apart from the competition. On top of this, M Builds is extremely proud of their service to the community and the public. They care deeply about serving their community and are proud to provide for them. M Builds has established many policies and procedures, such as the sustainability program, with an eye towards the future by protecting the environment.

Safety First

Aside from customer service and relationship building, safety is always a priority with M Builds. To ensure their workers are safe, they utilize a Continuous Improvement Model to identify areas of improvement and create action plans for efficient correction. This type of innovative thinking allows M Builds to create a safety-first culture by quickly identifying and mitigating any risks.

M Builds Project - Recreational Centre

This safety culture is preached from the top down, starting with upper management buying-into making safety a priority. Richard explains that even before a new employee steps foot on the job, they are well-trained in the safety expectations and procedures to ensure they return safely to their family at the end of the day. This top-down safety-first attitude is contagious. When employees see that upper management cares about their well being and want to keep their people safe, they are excited to take part in the process and the programs.
Never satisfied with staying the same, Richard explained that at M Builds, “we are constantly coming back and following up with new safety policies, as well as doing lots of auditing and modifications to our program. We do this in a fashion where it makes employees want to comply.” Continuous monitoring of safety practices and the introduction of new strategies assists them in creating a safe workplace.

“When you start off on the right foot with your employees, people are much more willing to take action and create a safe workplace for all.”
-Richard Ioculano, Corporate Safety Officer for M Builds

M Builds is always looking for innovative solutions to help make safety and compliance easier. Rather than staying behind the new wave of technology, M Builds is at the forefront of technological innovation in the Canadian construction industry. By going digital for inspection forms, Field Level Risk Assessments, and other safety documents, their safety procedures are streamlined to be more accessible to field workers. Not only does this help employees, but it also works hand in hand with their commitment to the environment by minimizing the use of paper.
M Builds works hard to service their customers and the public with high quality products and buildings. Their dedication to customer service and positive client interactions allows them to have a great reputation, and continually have referral and repeat business. Always looking beyond the horizon, M Builds continues to exceed expectations and earn trust in everything that they do.

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