BIS Introduces Zoom Integration

Classroom Training – Remotely

Online collaboration offers many benefits for companies, including time and cost savings, and communication apps like Zoom make it possible. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this trend since remote work and virtual learning allow for social distancing. The benefits of online platforms were evident even before a global pandemic started. Virtual training is the most effective solution when companies have operations in many regions, and specific courses are required by many employees.
We know the benefits of virtual training, and at BIS we recently developed Zoom integration to use in conjunction with our online classroom calendar. With this tool, online courses can be planned and managed more easily, while instructors focus on providing the best possible learning experience. The online classroom calendar can also be used to manage tools and equipment for courses. All these features are available in a drag-and-drop interface, which makes course management quick and intuitive.

How Zoom Integration Can Improve the Learning Experience

When combined with the BIS online calendar tool, Zoom makes learning easier for both instructors and course participants. Companies can use the calendar to easily manage different courses and instructors, across multiple cities. This prevents common issues when courses become virtual such as:

  • Double booking a course, instructor, or participant.
  • Schedule conflicts due to different time zones.
  • Registration problems

These issues can disrupt the learning experience. However, our online classroom calendar with Zoom integration makes planning easier – instructors can focus on teaching effectively, while participants focus on learning as much as possible.
Zoom offers several tools that improve the learning experience, which include screen sharing and audio streaming. All microphones can be controlled by the instructor, eliminating external noise while letting participants speak by turns.

Competency Checks and File Sharing in an Online Classroom

One of the main challenges of virtual learning has been testing, but Zoom integration makes it possible with audio, video and screen sharing. The instructor can advise a participant to activate the microphone and camera before performing a task, and indications for the test can be provided in advance.

  • This approach is viable for practical assessments, such as wearing personal protective equipment correctly (PPE), or using a certain tool or piece of equipment.
  • When a test only allows specific references, screen sharing can be used to verify that the student is not using other resources.
  • There are cases where a competency check by Zoom is not viable, but a large portion of the required training can still be completed virtually.

The BIS online classroom calendar also includes an instructor dashboard, which can be used to share many types of files. The dashboard has a drag-and-drop interface, where instructors can quickly create a course, and add materials like digital forms, technical specifications, and even audio or video files.


Virtual training via Zoom may only be viewed right now as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, an online classroom is a valuable asset when managed correctly, providing plenty of benefits that can be utilized now and for future training. When a physical classroom is used, all the time spent commuting for both instructors and participants creates hours of lost time. Companies with operations in many cities or countries must repeat the course several times if they rely on traditional in-person training. However, Zoom integration allows a single session of the course, which can be administered and taught in a variety of locations and time zones. With conventional training, companies may struggle to find a time that is convenient for all parties. With Zoom, classes can be recorded and shared with participants while controlling who can access the recorded class or download files. Even competency tests are possible remotely, by asking the student to activate the microphone, camera, and screen sharing. Zoom integration makes it simple for students to complete instructor-led training online and feel confident they receive great training.

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