Equipment Management Feature Released With LMS Suite

Paperless Management of Equipment and Machinery

BISTrainer, an online software suite that hosts an array of learning management tools, has released a new feature allowing companies to manage their vehicles, equipment, and heavy machinery from a single access point.

Keeping track of equipment and machinery can be time consuming, especially when there are many paper records to manage. This comprehensive new tool allows companies to create an online profile for each piece of equipment, storing information like serial numbers, manufacturers, model type, and lineage. It can be used to create customized status filters that identify the current status of a vehicle, or to filter the entire company’s equipment list to view or exclude equipment that is in for service. Job planning becomes significantly easier when managers can accurately identify the machinery that is frequently in use or that requires the most repair time. The tool also allows for the storage of user manuals, daily logs, part lists, insurance documentation, lockout/tagout procedures, and other documents relevant to specific equipment or machinery.

The Equipment Management feature is also fully integrated with an online form builder, allowing designated personnel to complete documentation in the field and automatically upload new records without the mess of paperwork.

About Us: BIS Safety Software has been working in the training industry for over 5 years and has developed a unique cloud-based platform that provides cost-effective service without compromising on quality or efficiency. BISTrainer is a software suite with a full complement of Learning Management tools that includes access to the largest library of online safety courses in Canada, audit capabilities, content creation tools, and more.

For more information about the Equipment Management feature or the BISTrainer platform, please contact Dan MacDonald at 780-410-1660 or at



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