How To Choose An eLearning Authoring Tool

Finding An eLearning Authoring Tool That Fits Into Your Development Needs

Online course delivery reduces administrative costs, instructor requirements, classroom rentals, and allows employees to complete training on their own schedule. In short, online courses can help save your organization significant time and money when training new workers, renewing compliance for regulated industries or implementing an employee development plan.

But, like with any new system, these savings come at an initial cost. Course development takes time, learning curves are flexible and frequently depend on a variety of factors, including course material, technical requirements, and the time required to train staff in course creation and administration.

While it is possible to push all of these concerns on a Learning Management System provider, many companies choose to undertake the task of course development on their own, and for good reason—new eLearning authoring tools are making the task more efficient and user friendly every day.

In order to properly navigate the technical side of online course development and select an eLearning authoring tool that fits your business, it’s important to understand your course requirements and a few things about where eLearning authoring tools sit in the eLearning family tree, what they do and, most importantly, how they interact with other programs and file formats.

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