Suncor: A Case Study on the Benefits of Online Training

Suncor Energy, a Canadian integrated energy company, is making waves across the oil and gas industry, proving the worth of online training.

In a video entitled, “Fort Hills safety orientation lessons learned,” Suncor discusses the challenges they faced with classroom training and how moving their Fort Hills orientation online helped improve their onboarding process for over 40,000 employees.

“The traditional instructor-led method of delivering site orientation at the gate was costly and logistically challenging,” the video states. “It needed a full-time on-site trainer, a dedicated trailer for the classroom, extra daily bus runs to transport people to and from the classroom, and administrative support to coordinate scheduling, and it resulted in productivity loss from the three-hour training and associated travel and waiting time. A new approach was needed, one that could ensure consistent delivery of key safety messages, continued to foster Suncor’s Journey to Zero safety culture, reduce costs, and support site productivity improvement efforts.”

Suncor turned to BIS Safety Software to make that happen. Through securely locked down content, engaging voice-over, and integrated virtual proctoring technology, the partnership resulted in a streamlined onboarding process without the costs and headaches:

“Cost saving of $5,000,000 will be realized from productivity improvements and by eliminating the need for an orientation trailer, a full-time training position, and bussing. By comparison, the cost to develop and deliver the online orientation will be $400,000, yielding a payback period of two months and a return on investment of great than 100%.”

But the benefits went beyond cost savings. Virtually proctored online training granted Suncor the ability to meet due diligence requirements by ensuring each learner was engaged and attentive to the content presented. Any form of distraction, absence, or unethical behaviour resulted in a flag on the training record, allowing Suncor to weed out the at-risk workers before they arrived on site and potentially caused an incident. It also allowed them to create employee badges using the images captured by the virtual proctor, streamlining site security’s administrative processes.
With so many benefits available at such a low cost and such a high return on investment, it’s no surprise that many companies are following in the steps of Suncor and embracing the switch from classroom to online. For more information on how online orientations can benefit you and your workforce, click here.

View the full “Fort Hills safety orientation lessons learned” video here:

June 8, 2018 / Blog, Top News


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